Travel Maps

One thing that is always intriguing for the travel bloggers is to summarize their journeys. To do that needs a lot of effort, as it has taken long time travel hopping from one destination to the other in your never-ending quest. Maps are a great way to create a compilation of your escapades. Here’s how you can create an impressive travel map for your blog.

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Transit Visa

Today, I am going to discuss about something that keeps all travelers intrigued till the last day of their travel – Transit Visa. I regularly come across travelers asking overwhelming questions about Transit Visa, and realized that most of them get confused about its requirements and applicability. In this post, I will try to clear the air. The rules of Transit Visa are different for Indian citizens when applying to different countries . Here, I try to discuss, what applies in general when we speak of Transit Visa. 

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jaipur diaries

Rajasthan has its own ways to enchant you..Elaborately carved out forts and palaces on the hill tops, the elegant touch of royalty, the cultural extravagance and the Desert Safari!!! I am at the Pink City, Jaipur – where both hills and deserts amalgamate and where history and heritage speak of themselves more than anyone else. Let them do the talking – while you enjoy the ride. 

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Airline Loyalty Programs

Airline Loyalty Programs

Since past few weeks, I was working on the various Airline Loyalty Programs to find out and gain more insight on how they work. Although these programs already exist in India, but after interacting with many of the fellow travelers on the way, I realized they knew little or nothing about how an Airline Loyalty Program works. In Western Countries, both leisure and business travelers have been often using one or more loyalty programs, even those with their day jobs.

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Phi Phi Islands

Thailand has some really amazing escapes to boast of and Phi-Phi Islands is undoubtedly one of them. Turquoise blue waters, virgin beaches, and serendipitous lagoons – the Phi-Phi Islands, the largest of the six iconic islands of the Krabi province has its own ways of sharing its secrets with every traveler. The islands have a marine life that intrigues the imagination of the most avid of the explorers. Here’s how you can connect and become one to make the most of this spectacular islands.

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