different culinary experiences

When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable.

–Clifton Fadiman

I fully agree to this thought. When you are on a distant land, you must know that you are not going to find all things as they are back home. That also applies to the most basic experience of your journey – food. In fact, when it comes to food, the different culinary experiences you encounter are almost a wild test drive with your taste buds.

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Tibet Peace Inn

Located on the busy narrow streets of Thamel district, Hotel Tibet Peace Inn initially appears low profile. Through the busy street, it might easily slip the eyes of someone who is here for the first time. My situation was no different. We had arrived at the Tribhuvan International Airport as scheduled where the hotel staff anxiously awaited to receive us. Here’s our stay experience with family with Hotel Tibet Peace Inn, on our trip to Nepal.

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Rajwada Baner

On this trip to Pune, I traveled to the uptown and trendy locality of Baner, having the costliest properties of Pune City. Baner also has a lot of traditional properties, restaurants and markets which reflect the signature of the Pune traditions. However, unlike Kolkata, these traditional buildings also have evolved pretty well, maintaining their charm and liveliness with the modern times. This time, I wanted to check out the Fabhotels Chain for review and spotted one at Baner. Here’s a quick look into the Hotel Rajwada Baner. 

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Ayur County Resorts

Kerala as they say is ‘God’s own country’. Blessed with iconic natural beauty, carpets of tea gardens lining the hill-slopes and spectacular lakes Kerala casts its spell on anyone visiting here, every single time. Amid the breathtaking beauty of the Munnar Valleys is nestled the Ayur County Resorts, a stay that had much more to speak than comfort. 

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Piston Break

You have been driving for hours now, moving through the topsy-turvy of the Desert Mountains. The vast nothingness of the vacuum stares back at you, as you rarely come across any civilization for miles together. While you are overwhelmed with all the adrenaline rush of your journey, a moment will come when you call for a pause for some time and so will your wheels. You will need a ‘Piston Break’.

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