Ethiopian Airlines

The preferred choice of flying to South Africa is Emirates, Air Mauritius or Qatar Airways. However, the Ethiopian Airlines is no less. With its Dreamliner series of Boeing -747 fleet, the Ethiopian Airlines comes with luxury and comfort at a price unimaginable. Here’s a quick review of my first trip on the Ethiopian Airlines to Cape Town.

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Air Asia

Air AsiaAir Asia holds the major share of the operations in the South East Asian destinations. With ample connectivity options to connect with several sectors throughout the day, it can be any travelers preferred choice for airline while flying in this route. However, all this comes with a catch, often at the cot of the traveler’s inconvenience. I thought it was occasional, until I realized that it was a routine affiar. Here are 5 reasons, why Air Asia may not be the best choice for a low cost International Airline while flying South East Asia. 

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