travel gadgets

Backpacking across the globe can be a herculean job. Staying connected, doing your job on-the-go, getting updated and being able to update others about your experiences while traveling are some of the challenging issues every backpacker faces during some part of his journey. While you stay on the road, here’s how these 6 gadgets can help you stay updated as you keeping crossing each milestone.

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how to do smarter travel photography with your smartphone

I was not much of a smartphone user when it came to travel photography. A good picture speaks out volumes with its silence.The resolution, depth, textures and contrast are important factors to create an impacting travel capture .Turns out, that when it comes to using it on your blog, the factors such as the memory, can play an important role, as high-resolution images might end up consuming lot of server space. Here’s where I felt the need of using a Smartphone for travel photography.

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