A Walk through the China Town Market Lane: Singapore

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I boarded down from the Metro Rail as it came to a halt at the China Town Market Station. The doors opened in front of a huge hallway with giant size banners on the underground pillars of the station.

Exploring Beyond China Town Market Lane

China Town
Up the Escalators

A small crowd moved out of the metro rail exit doors and started walking across the hall, and I just needed to follow them to reach the exit gates of the metro station.

China Town
The Pagoda Street

I came over the escalators which opened into a small by lane of the China Town Market. A narrow lane leading to the street probably narrowed even more because of the ever expanding size of the shops on the either side of the lane. The exit of the station opens in the Pagoda Street, Chinatown, Singapore.

The Pagoda Street, China Town, Singapore

China Town
The Gift shops round the corner

Pagoda Street China Town Market is the place where you come to shop as much as you can for as low prices as you can. You can shop here for souvenirs, watches, bags, wall hangings, calendars, paintings, philately, jewellery, perfumes, clothes and all those endless things that you can gift out to your friends back home. Stuff for as low as $4 can be found here. So, the prices are already set to the point of bargain. Cool!!!

China Town
Time for a break

If you are tired of shopping and just want to take a break, you might like to sit down at one of the cafes, and ask yourself a beer and something to eat. The amount of stuff available here compensates for the size of the lane with the variety it serves.

China Town
World’s Largest Coin

As I passed by the lane, my eyes fell on a giant size piece of rock outside this philately shop. It turned out that it was the largest coin of the world. Well! probably the heaviest one too.

China Town
Preparing for the New Year

The lane was decorated for the celebration of Chinese New Year and most of the stuff here pertained to souvenirs required for the event. The narrow lane was crowded with people shopping for the New Year stuff.

China Town
The Tintin Shop

I also found a Tintin Shop here. Boy! They love Tintin here…

China Town
The Ice Cream Man

I have tried ice-cream many a times but this was a little different. Large bricks of ice-cream handpicked and served with happiness. And that’s why; the crowd at this stall was large. And for a small stall such as this one, the variety is what made it stand out. As I moved back home, I had something for everyone; as for me, I had one more reason to try coming back here.

What do you plan to see at the China Town? 

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