A Tranquil Morning At The Colva Beach-Goa

Finally, I have stepped on the Goan soil and this is my first tranquil morning in Colva, a relaxed and laid back town in South Goa, facing the beach. Sunrises have always inspired me, and I was not going to miss that here too. So, the early morning has bought me on the shore, for a walk along the Colva beach to experience the coastal sunrise. They say, the sands of Colva beach are powdery white, and I guess it is not wrong. I have never seen a coast as smooth before as this one. It was time to enjoy the stillness, and the waves…

A Tranquil Morning At The Colva Beach-Goa, Pack-Ur-Bags,Colva Beach
The Beach At Dawn

As a matter of fact, I was so enthusiastic that I was up before my alarm cranked up in the morning. It was 05:30 am, and I realized that the sun would not be visible before another hour, as this was far west. The sunrise timings are a little late here, unlike East, where I have seen sunrises sometimes as early as 04:30 am (Try watching sunrises at Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh, and you will understand what I mean).

A Tranquil Morning At The Colva Beach-Goa, Pack-Ur-Bags,Colva Beach
A New Day Begins

Nevertheless, I was not going to sleep anyway and I went to the beach head. It was silent as I expected and even the coast guard was on a morning nap. The beach had moved up until night and covered most of the shore, but it would gradually move back, with the morning rays.

The sun had spread its pinkish twilight hue on the horizon and above, I could watch the sea-gulls making their way east, for their daily ritual. The rage of the high tides had settled down and the sea had become calm; the gentle waves hitting back and forth the shores. I took off my shoes to feel the ‘powdery white sand’ beneath my feet. As I walked along the shores, it calmed me from within.

A Tranquil Morning At The Colva Beach-Goa, Colva Beach
Here Comes the Glory..

It is 06:30 am now and the people have started to hit the beach. I see few couples, some health freaks on their daily jog, a yogi engrossed in meditation and the fishermen preparing their boats for the day. Far off, numerous small and big sized boats stand still on the sea surface, fearless and without deter! The sun has started to make its way up now. Blazing and golden, it covers the entire sky with new hope and aspirations for the day. What a wonderful way to begin the day indeed!

A Tranquil Morning At The Colva Beach-Goa
Rising Waves
A Tranquil Morning At The Colva Beach-Goa
Touch My Feet

I now walk towards the sea to hit the waters. The tide rises gently and the cold water touches my feet. The toe gaps fill up with fine sand from the tide and then, the water again washes it off the feet, as it rushes back into the vast sea in front.

A Tranquil Morning At The Colva Beach-Goa, Pack-Ur-Bags,Colva Beach
Sharing silence with the waves

I walked few steps behind and sat down on the sand to feel the breeze and fill up my lungs with fresh air. It was long time I had been to a beach and it was ecstatic to sit next to the beach. The waves seemed to wash off all the worries for a moment and I was myself for some time. It felt good. It was one of those rare moments in life when one gets to connect with his inner self in that Solitude.

It was 08:00 am now and I was charged up for the day. It was time for a cup of tea and then I would head back to the room from where I will be moving around South Goa, to explore more of this exotic town. Will be back soon with more stories from the coast…


  1. Reminds me of my trip to Australia. In Gold Coast, I got up very early to capture my first Sunrise.

    Beautiful images with vivid description.

    1. Thanks Alok, finally we reunite.. 🙂

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