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Travel is beyond a hobby for me and I like to work on projects that can help you create value for more travelers. I research and write on topics such as budget travel, travel hacks, globe travel, frequent flying programs, travel-guides and travel experiences. For details on the ongoing and completed projects, please check out the portfolio page.

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I also offer one-to-one travel consultation services for people looking for saving money on their overseas travel. Contact me for support on online flight booking services, backpacking travel options, International hostel connectivity, BnB services, Forex travel e-guides, pamphlets, reference materials, and maps:-

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Pack-Ur-Bags – A Trawellblogger’s Guide to Explore Life!! was created with the focus of providing self-planning travel information to the traveler community that is seldom shared or available for through open source. While there is no sacrosanct format to follow, it would be a great idea if writers can contribute to this blog by sharing posts that are are relevant to the focus areas of this blog. You can share posts that are focused on:-

  • Trawell Hacks – (Make sure you notice how travel is spelled
  • Trawell Guide – You can share articles on any of the City Guides – Indian or International
  • Trawell Gear
  • Destinations – Creative Write up
  • Hotel/ BnB Reviews
  • Dineout Reviews

If you have a write up in mind from the above topics, please send a draft in Word as per the following format:-

  • 800-1000 words
  • Upto 5 High Resolution Images – Personal will be good. If not, you can use open sources such as Unsplash, Flickr, or similar with Creative Commons Attribution.
  • No affiliate links.
  • A short bio/ write up about you with a good pic.
  • A link to your website.

Please take a note of the following things while writing:-

  • Content should be of good quality. (Use Grammarly to check grammar)
  • Should follow SEO rules – keywords, tags, image attribution.
  • Should be unique and original. ( I generally do not bother writers with Copyscape and other things. Simply presuming here
    that you are honest with your writing).

Once the post is approved for posting, a draft link should land in your mailbox before the post goes live. If you have any queries, you can drop and email to [email protected]