A Dayout At Gateway Of India-Mumbai

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Gateway of India

It is almost eight years since the 26/11 episode when Mumbai went through the worst experiences of its time. Today, things have come to normal, despite the wounds not healed completely. The Gateway of India is crowded with people as always, with travellers flocked in from all parts of the globe, to witness the jewels of Mumbai City. The glimpses of a day spent at the Gateway of India…..

Through Unbelievable Chaos

Moving through Mumbai city is like banging head-on with a giant haul truck every second. Every moment, as one tries to make their way through the crowd, one actually has to struggle to search for every inch of space to step their foot. As for the people of Mumbai, I believe they know how to find a space to step on.

 The Metro Stations are so overcrowded that sometimes, it is difficult to know when the trains are making their way inside. This Sunday was no different, at the Gateway of India, however, the metro was surprisingly less crowded. This brought me a sigh of relief momentarily.

People in Mumbai are really helpful when compared to those in other metropolitan cities. It is unusual to pass through a chaotic town without help, but no matter how emergent a person in front of you might seem, you ask for help and they would never say No. For those who experience metro circuits for the first time, living that chaos could be a lifetime experience.

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A Mixed Feeling At the Gateway

The streets near the Gateway of India are heavily crowded today. The Mumbaikars seem undeterred, as it is a regular issue for them; or possibly they have grown stronger over time. The Taj Hotel stares back in awe, and it seems to behave like nothing ever happened at all. But through that chaos, there is something different about me. I am the odd one out here, who has never seen that heat before.

There was an eerie moment of desperation within me, as I looked for my wife and daughter, to check whether they passed through the checking gates. The police could do little to handle that enormous crowd pouring in from nowhere, and the checking seemed to go on endlessly.

After about 20 minutes,we could finally move inside through that massive crowd to witness the Gateway. There is limited space to stand and the crowd large enough for a panic. Seems like we have not been used to such a huge crowd since the people around us behaved quite normal.

Back To Normal Again

After eight years since the 26/11 happened, Mumbai seems to have gone live again. The pigeons flock the shore and feed them once more and fly in patterns as people gather near the well-protected barricades in front of the monument.

The Taj Hotel though appeared normal today, but it had seen it all. It silently spoke of the incidents of that day when India had been attacked once again. Yet, it was surprising how seamlessly it had recovered from the incident. It rose again, to do what it has done best for ages- giving a warm welcome to its guests.

Bird Feeding

The birds too seem to have forgiven and forgotten the past and moved on to a new beginning as they seem to interact with the humans again, picking on the food that the travellers offer them, sometimes, they even eat from the people’s hands, unafraid.

The proud Gateway of India not only has seen the good- byes of the Imperial Rule but also has lived through the many massacres thereafter. It stands testimony to all the incidents- good and bad, happy and sad, yet it continues to welcome all with the same warmth and energy.

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