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The name ‘Gems Gallery’ might initially put you in a state of confusion. As there are hardly any gems to find on display at least! But when you happen to explore the galleria, you understand why the Shop No-31 inside the Chatta Chowk Bazar of the Red Fort boasts itself as one.

The Chatta Chowk Bazaar

Red Fort India, Chess
Entering the Majestic Red Fort

I am inside the Red Fort today, trying to explore the traditional market place of the Mughaliya Sultanet. It is afternoon and yet, the breeze within the fortress walls seem comforting. I pass through the towering doors of the entrance gate to enter the Chatta Chowk Bazaar,  where the market place still runs like the old times.

Exploring the Chatta Chowk Bazaar

For a moment, you can close your eyes and try to time travel to the past, how it must have been. Sounds of galloping horses, chaotic voices of the shop keepers calling out their potential customers, the bubbling sounds of the ‘huqqahs’, glittering candle lights in the evenings; must have been an era. Today, not much seems to have changed, except for the faces.

 Gems ‘N’ Jewels Gallery

As I pass through the market lanes, I am drawn to something that is of my interest. Not a shopaholic kind that much, this was however something that I couldn’t do without. I simply like playing chess and this is one of the games I have enjoyed playing for a long time. What intrigues me more about chess is how far the two players can go in their personal strategies and yet come up with a completely different closing of the game altogether. It is always more with playing with the opponent’s mind than the game itself.

ChessI curiously find my feet dragged to the Gems ‘N’ Jewels Gallery, where, I expected it to have a collection of gems and jewels. Well, the owner did have a collection of gems and jewels, if only you could relate it in the way I try to; What came later from the owner was even more fascinating.

Chess set in Sandalwood

This gallery exports more than 20,000 Chess Sets of about 8 different varieties to more than 32 countries across the globe.  Right in front of me, I had chess pieces made of sandalwood, marble, red wood, stones, omax, metals, bone ceramics and glass. And each had a different design from the other. For a moment, I found myself in the same dilemma I find my wife in, when she has to choose saris for herself. But, it was more for me, as I do not buy chess that frequently. I already have two sets of mine – wooden and magnetic travel chess board, I enjoy when I choose to travel slow.

Which one to buy!!

Each set has its own distinct design and crafted with due diligence. I could only watch them in awe, when I entered inside the gallery and found myself surrounded with chess pieces of all sizes looking back at me, from behind the glass paneled shelves.

I finally found my chess set

I have found my chess set – which one are you looking for!!

You can get in touch with the gallery at this address:-

Shop No-31, Inside Red Fort, Ph: +91-11-23266-596

+91-9891-250-318; +91-9560-369-413

Email: [email protected]

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