This is a rough guide to the places I have visited in India as well as the other countries. You can browse the topics based on the countries traveled, places visited in each country on the maps and places visited by states of the country. The map view contains more detailed information of the places to visit, things to do, places to stay and eat. You can directly reach for the posts from links shared on the map.

Each of these guides contains the details of how to self-plan your trips, and shares comprehensive information about travel hacks and methods I use for globetrotting regularly. The Trawellblogger’s Guides are comprehensive posts on planning your trip, flight and hotel hacks, visa guide and travel safety. I have also tried to include the rough costs involved in planning your trip to these countries and you can relate them as per your travel plans. You can also use the relative shareable map to save in your itinerary to use them as you are traveling. Here are few of the Trawellblogger’s Guides to quickly use for your travel planning.

So go ahead, and save your itinerary in your own ways!! Happy Globetrotting!!



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