This Diwali, Let’s Take a Journey Within

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This Diwali, did you gave a smile to someone!

Did you wake up and thank the Almighty for being alive for the day?

Did you enjoy a moment with your children!

Did you gave roses to your elders

Did you stand up for what is right!

Did you stop bothering who stood by you for the just

Did you wake up to live and hold on to your dreams!

Did you raise your worn out tools and start mending your life again!

Did you laugh to your heart’s content!

Did you give up on your prejudices!

Did you lend your ears to someone to listen patiently!

Did you face your worst fears! Did you win them!!

Did you change yourself, before you changed the world??

This Diwali, take a journey within yourself!

Let the world see your spark!

Let the world know you rise again!!

Let the world know you are back!!

Let them know you still conquer!

Let them know you are better than before!

Let them feel, you reincarnated!

Let them speak your new beginning!

This Diwali, don’t just light up, Illuminate!

Don’t just shine, Sparkle!

Don’t just glow, Aureate!

Don’t just gleam, Radiate!

This Diwali, Meet Your New Self! Complete the Journey! 

This Diwali

Pic Credits: Gianandrea Villa

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