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Well, this is as if someone pressed my weakest nerve today by asking about the most passionate journey I want to undertake. There are most journeys that I share with the world but there are definitely some that stay close to my heart because I am strongly and insanely passionate about them.

They say you live the most when you know you are about to die soon. Maybe, because then, you fully know you do not have enough time to run the rat race anymore. It is this moment when a person connects to his deepest passion. If you understand and are able to connect yourself with the true sense of this definition of passion, and if I have to pursue my passion for travel, in the very same way, here’s a small list of what I would love to do.

Sledge under the Northern Lights


Nature has blessed us with many unbelievable phenomena, which we often fail to wait, witness and thank. Sledging under the colorful Aurora Borealis in a pitch dark snowy night is one of those adventures that I truly want to undertake. It would be like reliving the childhood, where anything is possible, including clouds of several colors. Once in life, I would love to witness those divine colours and thank God for the magic he created, for no one can ever match His imagination.

Freefall Sunrise Photography


Have you ever seen the white fluffy clouds underneath, from the window shades of your flight? Now, imagine yourself outside the plane on an early morning with you facing the sunrise over a free fall. That is what I call a truly magical moment; when you are face to face with the most potent energy source of this planet. That which rises with a promise of hope and a new beginning every day. I wish to take that leap above the clouds and capture the shimmering lights of the rising sun.

Hike to the Swarg Ka Dwar Uttarakhand


 Uttarakhand has been the most majestic experiences of my life. One thing that I really missed out here is taking the hike to the Swarg Ka Dwar Valley. This is believed to be the point from where Yudhishthira, the eldest of the Pandu brothers, entered the heaven in his mortal form. It is not the completely the spiritual pursuit that I seek, but also the mysteries that the path shares on the way. White swaying waterfalls, the elusive Brahma Kamal (the rare white lotus of the Himalayas), and the Bhojpatra Trees; the journey to Swarg Ka Dwar is mystical at every step of the way. I do not know whether God exists in a physical form, but if He did, there is no better way one could explain his presence.

Take a Skyline View from the Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool


There are thrills and then there are thrills with a “wow factor”. And this is definitely one of those things that make me say wow when I think about it. The Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool in Singapore stands at a height of 57 stories above the ground and stretches 150 metres in length. The water in the pool seems to blend with the skyline in front. How thrilling would it be when even the slightest ripples in the pool drift you to the edges of infinity. I wish to capture the 360-degree view of the entire horizon from the edge of the pool. Sounds nerd of me!

Play Roulette in the Vegas


Well, I do have tried my luck in Gangtok (yes, it happens here too), and you bet I won a worth (though not as much to get myself addicted, but somewhat of a beginner’s luck you can say). I remember having played Roulette in Gangtok on my trip there and it was fun. Of course, I didn’t intend to get ‘Casino Royale’ there but just wanted to enjoy what the place had to offer. All the more, it is all about experiencing the moment.

And how best can you enjoy than being a witness to the Gambling Mecca with more than a hundred casinos spread clustered in a small area? I don’t think I am going to be the night’s lucky winner, but hey, when the time is short, how far does the money go? Live the moment as it would come!!

Explore the City of Petra At Night

Petras by night, journey

If one could surpass the boundaries of human imagination and wonders, what he would land himself into is the historic city of Petra. The façade of these magnificent sandstone mountains is a pinnacle of human mastery. What intrigues me more is the way how seamlessly the natural patterns blend with the man-made ones.

Walking through these artistic patterns at my pace is a dream unparalleled. Especially, the moment when your feet move on the tunes of the Bedouin and your eyes seek the path ahead to the lights reflecting through the cracks of the hallowed cliffs, leading you to the infamous Treasury. I guess, in the end, the real treasure lies in the experience.


In the end, I think nothing in this world is created without the courage to go beyond yourself, break free from the shores and  get set to achieve your dreams. No matter how far you reach, whether you win or lose, live or die, you have carved a path no one else can, and no one else would ever do. In the end, you lived your dream. It was always better than dying in reality without having created anything. 


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