Glimpses Of Durga Puja Festival

Being a Bong, Durga Puja celebrations is the most awaited event for us every year. It is the time when all my family members travel down from all corners of the globe to gather at one place, to celebrate the event. The best part of the festival is the last three days when we book a family van and take a trip of the entire city, to get one glimpse of Goddess Durga, the destroyer of all evil and one who blesses all with her spiritual glory and happiness. The entire city lights up in sparkling colors of the festive occasion. Bringing to you the glimpses of the Durga Puja Festival this year.

Glimpses Of Durga Puja Festival
The Durga Puja Festival At Katol Road

Prelude To The Durga Puja Festival

The preparations of the Durga Puja Festival start well in advance, and every idol is crafted by master artisans hailing from Kolkata. Every idol these guys create is a masterpiece in itself, and they pour in all their heart and devotion into these idols, to create such buoyant and lively idols. Every artisan comes up with a unique style of casting the idol, drapery and decorations. In Kolkata, the city organizes regular competitions and every year, one can witness some of the most unique concepts of the Goddess Durga Idols, something that is worth an experience.

Glimpses Of Durga Puja Festival
At the Durga Puja Pavilion Entrance

Durga Puja In Nagpur City

Here in Nagpur, the Puja celebrations are no lesser than that in Kolkata. In most of the places in the city, the artisans from Kolkata are hired to make the Goddess Durga Idol. Although the entire city with its small and large societies arrange for their own celebrations, the major places where the Durga Puja is celebrated in Bong Style are Katol Road, Dhantoli, Shankar Nagar, Trimurti Nagar, Gandhinagar and the Airforce Colony. The largest fair among all these is at Dhantoli, at the Dhantoli High School and organizes an exhibition and fair every year.

Glimpses Of Durga Puja Festival
Durga Puja at Dhantoli
Glimpses Of Durga Puja Festival
The Durga Puja Exhibition and Fair

The second place in Nagpur to watch a good festival and exhibition is the Katol Road. The festival is organized in a smaller colony but attracts a huge crowd from the city every year. Come evenings and it is almost difficult to step foot inside the exhibition. There is celebration, musical evenings, loads of fast food eating joints and entertainment for children. The best part here is the variety of food.

The third place where we enjoyed and spent most of the time celebrating our festival this year was at Gandhinagar, Nagpur. The Bengali Society here is more than a century old and is again famous to attract a large part of the city crowd for the festival every year.

Glimpses Of Durga Puja Festival
Celebrations at Gandhinagar, Nagpur

The Durga Puja Festival brings colours and happiness into the lives of all, young and old, rich and poor. It is that one occasion every year that allows one to break free from the routine and gather under the same roof to celebrate togetherness. The cycle of life keeps everyone busy, hunting for the material happiness, whether we want it or not. But, the festival is like an excuse, which helps one to stop, slow down and contemplate, to analyze and connect with the higher realms.

Wishing one and all a Very Happy Durga Puja… Happiness and Love To All..

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