Evening Hues

Another day floats away
Leaves hope for the next day
O’ traveler, you stop not
Its not good bye, as you thought!

Its just a pause,
For you to rest
O’ traveler, slow down for today
And gaze the sun, as it melts away

Another day floats away
What’ve you made of your life today!
As the sunshine fades away!
Its hope and glory is here to stay!

Enjoy the pause, while it lasts
Let this moment be the best!
The sun says, you’ve long way to go
In the lap of mountains you rest!

Tomorrow I shall rise again
And walk with you all the way!
O’traveler, do not worry my friend!
As a shadow of you, I will stay!!!

Hi, I am Rajat, and I travel. It started as a hobby and soon became an addiction. Now, it is a compulsion. I travel to learn, to explore, to click and to dream. Join my journey as I take you along the roads less ventured.. and create memorable experiences.

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