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New Year is coming and Goa is at its sizzling best.  As the crowd prepares to step into the New Year, it is time for parties, carnivals, festivities and fun with the beach waves. As we complete our trip in Goa, we also explore ways to cover an extravagant trip without much burden on our pockets. Here’s how you can explore Goa on a shoe-string budget.

Planning the Trip

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Goa has a majority of beaches and activities to explore and sometimes, it might get overwhelming, especially, when a large crowd pours in for the occasion. Here, we have compiled a short trip in the form of a checklist, which will help you keep the fluff aside and save your time to do the essentials.

Stay in South Goa

explore Goa
Explore Goa – An early morning in South Goa

There are many good things about staying in South Goa, and I chose Colva beach as it exactly fitted my requirements. One, it is away from the hustle and bustle of the streets, giving you the sense of peace of mind, and refreshing break. Two, it is not that difficult to connect with the mainstream city, and one can explore multitude of options to stay independent to travel and explore the state. Three, the BnB’s and hotels are comparatively cheaper in South Goa, and if that comes along with a peace of mind, why not?

We booked our accommodation through AirBnb, and it was a great experience getting hosted. At first, we were sceptical, but when we entered our space, it was absolutely wonderful.

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What to see

explore goa
Explore Goa – Your suggested checklist

Without keeping you much waited, here is the checklist that we adopted to spend our time in Goa. We had chalked out the most essential places to see and kept in mind than we will stick to the plan. We wanted to keep intact a reason to come back again, by leaving out certain places. This way, there would always be a reason to visit again.

North Goa:

explore goa
Explore Goa – Beach views in North Goa


We narrowed down the following places to explore in North Goa

  • Calangute beach
  • Sinquerium beach
  • Baga beach
  • Vagator beach
  • Reis Magos Fort
  • Aguadda Fort

We made our way through various beaches and finally decided to take on the activities at the Sinquerium Beach. If you are staying in North Goa, near Calangute or Vagator beaches, then you can enjoy the sunset view here, yet, on peak seasons, it is difficult to find place due to the crowd. You can try sea-food at De-Candolim or Tito’s, which offers the finest sea-food delicacies in this area.

South Goa:

explore goa
Explore Goa – Colva Market in the evenings


In South Goa, you can explore the following places

  • Colva Beach
  • Mahalaxmi Temple
  • Our Lady of Merces Church
  • The Church of Holy Spirit
  • Colva Market


This is the best way to get you independent and instant-on-the-go. A typical two-wheeler costs between Rs. 300/- to Rs. 400/- and independent taxis cost Rs. 2000/- for non-a.c and Rs. 2200/- for a.c. Do not get bogged down and do not fear to bargain. You can easily bring down a taxi ride up to Rs. 1500/- if you book it for more than a day.

Keep the Adventure Activities for North Goa

The adventure activities in South Goa are cheaper for people, but get costlier for group or families. In North Goa, the adventure activities are more and can help you more bargaining opportunities. South Goa allows more relaxed and laid back holiday experience. After you tire yourself with the adventure activities in the North, you can come here to enjoy a beautiful beach sunset or a candle light dinner at the beach. You will get all the lonely moments you want here.. 🙂

Suggested: Sinquerium Beach

Expense Summary

There was no compromise on our luxury, and yet we worked it out well in budget. A small summary of our expenses can help you to organize your choices better.

Conversion Rate – $1.00  = ₹ 67.00/-

S.NoActivityCost (INR)Cost($)Remarks
1Flights₹ 12,072.00$180.20Round Trip (2 x Adults, 1 x Chd)
2Accommodation₹ 7,560.00$112.84AirBnB
3Food₹ 4500.00$ 67.16@Avg $25-$30/ day
4Rent-A-Bike₹ 900.00$ 13.50Do not forget to carry your passport and licence in original (for verification only)
5Activities₹ 6000.00$ 90.00Parasailing- $ 15.00/ Banana Rides- $5.00 / Sea-Scootering- $10.00
6Fuel₹ 500.00$ 8.00Enough to go around for 2-3 days
7Airport Transfers₹ 1000.00$ 15.00
Total₹ 32,532.00$ 487.00For 3 Pax
Expenses Per Person₹ 10,844.00$ 162.33


Hi, I am Rajat, and I travel. It started as a hobby and soon became an addiction. Now, it is a compulsion. I travel to learn, to explore, to click and to dream. Join my journey as I take you along the roads less ventured.. and create memorable experiences.

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