5 Spectacular Ways to Explore the Best of Phi-Phi Islands

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Phi Phi Islands

Thailand has some really amazing escapes to boast of and Phi-Phi Islands is undoubtedly one of them. Turquoise blue waters, virgin beaches, and serendipitous lagoons – the Phi-Phi Islands, the largest of the six iconic islands of the Krabi province has its own ways of sharing its secrets with every traveler. The islands have a marine life that intrigues the imagination of the most avid of the explorers. Here’s how you can connect and become one to make the most of this spectacular islands.

Explore the Mysterious bio-luminescent patterns of Maya Bay

Phi-Phi Islands

The bioluminescent patterns observed in water during the night are a result of chemical reactions caused by several marine species. Planktons are microscopic marine algae that emit neon blue light when they sense intruders nearby. This phenomenon appears like a pattern of neon blue light when seen from a distance. They are like fireflies in the water, emitting scintillating patterns in the pitch dark nights, a phenomenon you cannot afford to miss out on.

The mysterious Maya Bay in the central part of the island takes you on an adventurous journey to witness the nature’s magic in person. The best way to enjoy the island at a slow pace. Let the island immerse in the evening silence after the sunset and enjoy the patterns with the sounds of gentle splashes of the sea waves in the background. Best- take a snorkel tour at night find yourself surrounded by the night patterns.

Scuba Dive the Deep Blue Waters of the Phi-Phi Island

Phi-Phi Islands

One of the most amazing adventures to undertake is the Scuba DivingEspecially when you are deep inside the crystal clear waters of the Phi-Phi Islands full of colorful coral reefs, fishes and the best of aquatic life. The South Phi -Phi Islands is a short trip to an uninhabited island, amid the majestic vertical cliffs covered with lush greenery. Learning to dive could never get any better.

Escape to the Bamboo Islands

Phi-Phi Islands

The Bamboo Islands is an iconic escape to an island of sparkling white sands, palm fringed coastline, and azure waters. The breathtaking blue skies and crystal clear waters of this island will simply leave you mesmerized. The island also has some beachside restaurants where you can relish the exquisite seafood cuisine. The island is lined with fascinating rock formations, caves, and bamboo plantations. Hop on a sightseeing cruise or a snorkeling dive for the most unforgettable experience. An ideal place to relax off the day on your very private island.

Rock-Climb the Phi-Phi’s Limestone Hills

Phi-Phi Islands

If you are one of those who cannot stay away from an adrenaline rush for long, then worry not, for you will not be disappointed. The natural vertical cliffs are not as high as the mountains yet high and vertical enough to pose climbers with a daunting challenge. The Phi-Phi Islands Limestone Hills are one of a kind and are ideal for a beginner or a veteran climber to try out some rock-climbing adventure. Beware, though! You might just fall in love so much with it that you will not stop being a climber again.

Go Deep Water Soloing on the Majestic Pi Leh Lagoons

Phi-Phi Islands

An extension of the rock climbing to a slight extreme, the deep water soloing takes you a ladder up in the challenge. You reach the areas of the spectacular Pi Leh Lagoons where the water is deep enough for a dive. The challenge is to rock-climb the vertical cliffs without any harnesses. No strings attached. Climb up the cliffs to reach the diving point 20 meters up the hillocks. Get ready for the dive of your life. I can hear your heart beating already there! 🙂

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