Why Exploring Alberta is all about lifetime of memories

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What comes to mind at the first instance when you hear about Canada? Miles of frozen hinterlands? A country covered in white carpets of snow. Wait! Don’t start judging yet. As Canada is not a country you can decide about until it opens up its treasured secrets. One such hidden treasures is the lesser known Alberta, a province in Western Canada characterized by rugged mountains, dense coniferous forests, large collection of lakes and rich mineral deposits. Alberta will present you with a countryside that will change your perception about this Canada, forever!

When it comes to visiting the Canadian province of Alberta you are definitely spoilt for choice in terms of amazing attractions and the sheer variety of things to see and do in the area.
One thing is for sure, you will have plenty of opportunities to create some magical family memories when you plan a vacation in Alberta.
Here are some pointers on the main attractions that will be vying for your attention while you are there.

Brilliant Banff

Picture Credits: Steven Estes @Via Unsplash

If you are arriving by plane you might want to consider using Delta Hotels Calgary Airport In-Terminal to rest ahead of your adventure so that you are fresh and ready to start your adventure. Set the navigation system to Banff and enjoy an impressive drive that brings the imposing mountain landscape closer with every minute that you edge toward Banff National Park.

The scenery in the national park will take your breath away and whether you want to take the family on a hiking adventure, boating, or climbing, these are just a few of the options to enjoy while enjoying the nature that thrives in one of the world’s oldest national parks.

The Family will love this Lake

Lake Louise – Picture Credits: Faye Cornish @Via Unsplash

Another top venue for your itinerary in the Alberta region is the spectacular Lake Louise. It is hard to use enough superlatives when describing the gorgeous Lake Louise, which offers photo opportunities from every angle as well as some family fun and adventure. If nature is where you find your inner connect, then Lake Louise is a sure place for you for that nature escape. 

A good thing to do at the lake would be to rent a canoe from the boathouse and enjoy a leisurely paddle around the lake or take a walk around the area if you just fancy doing some exploring.

Welcome to the Dinosaur Country

Royal Tyrrell Museum Entrance: Picture Credits – Wikimedia

Most kids are fascinated by dinosaurs and Alberta not only has a rich prehistoric history, the good news is that a fair number of prime exhibits have been excavated and put on display at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology.

Royal Tyrrell Museum – Picture Credits – Wikimedia

This awesome museum is considered to be one of the leading dinosaur museums in the world and you won’t forget some of the main attractions in a hurry, like the “Hell-Boy” that was unearthed in 2005, and “Black Beauty” which is the nickname to the impressive T-Rex in residence there.

Try the Skywalk if you dare

Dare the Skywalk: Picture Credits – Panoramio

Another family favorite will probably be the glacier skywalk that you can find suspended high above the Sunwapta River overlooking Mount Kitchener, so anyone who doesn’t have a head for heights might need to avoid looking down.

Make your way to the Columbia Icefield Center and grab a short bus ride to the skywalk, which is a glass-floored and glass-sided walkway that gives you the feeling of standing in mid-air while taking in the spectacular scenery.

There are so many events and attractions for you and your family to enjoy in Alberta it is highly likely that one family vacation to this area won’t be enough, so take your time trying to decide which parts of this hugely attractive part of Canada you want to explore.



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