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Indrail Passes:

Indrail passes are tickets issued by the Indian Railways for foreign tourists and non-resident Indians. The tickets are available for a specific period extending from half a day to 90 days. The passes are valid for one year from the date of issue and must be used before that time period. The pass activates its validity from the date of first journey and ends on the midnight of the last journey.

This feature helps the foreign travellers to move from one part of India to another within the Indian Railways network without any route or train restrictions.

Price of Passes:

The prices of the Indrail passes depend upon the class of travel and the validity period. The reference table below will help you to decide upon the prices and help you plan your trip better:

Period of ValidityA.C First ClassFirst Class/AC-II/AC-III/ AC-Chair CarSecond Class/ Sleeper Class (Non-AC)
½ Day*57292613116
1 Day*954743221910
2 Days*1608070353015
4 Days*220110110555025
7 Days270135135688040
15 Days370185185959045
21 Days3961981989910050
30 Days49524824812612565
60 Days80040040020018595
90 Days1060530530265235120

Indrail passes are also sold through General Sales Agents in Bahrain, Bangladesh, Finland, Germany, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nepal, Oman, South Africa, Sri-Lanka, Thailand, the DAE and UK.

Finding the Indrail Passes:

In India, the Indrail passes are available for sale in Railway Reservation Offices at: Ahmadabad, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Howrah, Chennai, Gorakhpur, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Secunderabad, Thiruvananthapuram Central, Vadodara, Varanasi and Vasco-da-Gama. Certain recognized Travel Agents are also authorized to sell these passes in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.

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