Flower Photography- III

I rarely get into a photography mode but this time it was different. Venturing through the length and breadth of North East India, I realized that I stay alien to several such beauties of the country. So, this day, I decided to stop and see all what nature has to offer.

I decided to grab my camera and go for clicking these random flowers in and around my area and try honing my amateur photography skills. My cousin sister is a professional photographer. The other day she told me about the Macro Photography. I had no clue about how to try that out.

Worse, I am always overwhelmed with loads of camera settings. Each one for a particular moment. I guess it takes time to grab the skills, but for the time being, I understood that I can use this method for clicking closeup and detailed pictures by also blurring the backdrop.

So, in this Flower Photography -III series, I decided to try Macro Photography with my SONY Camera. It is not a DSLR, although I would love to own one some day, but is enough for a good start. Plus, the weather was just right to give a vibrant contrast and lots of ambient lighting for daylight photography.

Another thing that I tried here is the Black and White photography. The monochrome is the favourite of many professional photographers and still remains on top when many photographers create their portfolio. When extended to flower photography, the results can be remarkable.

Finally, my love for North East India is inseparable. There is so much I can write here but I will always fall short in words. The more I explore it here, the more it unfolds about itself. The stark diversity of North East India keeps me intrigued – rivers, lakes, mountains, forests, and vast grasslands all around.

More stills as I travel across North East India..

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