The GrandWest Casino – What’s your best bet?

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My encounter with the GrandWest Casino was purely coincidental. It was never on my checklist until my sojourn at the Asoka Restaurant in the Long Street Area. But when I learnt that it is among the largest Casinos and entertainment park in the city, it was worth the gamble. 

Reaching GrandWest

I came to know about this place while I was enjoying my dinner at the Asoka Restaurant, Long Street. I wanted to know more about the interesting places of Cape Town from its own people. By the time I finished my gastronomic journey at Asoka, I was already prepared with the route to reach here. Since I needed to travel further into the city, I considered taxis most reliable.   They are easily available at Long Street, and we Indians are good at bargaining, especially, when we speak of a ride. I was lucky to get a taxi right away. And at 10:00 pm, I was on my way to the GrandWest.

The GrandWest Casino is in the heart of the city and is a nearly 50 minutes drive from the Long Street area. At first, I was thinking I ended up paying more than what the ride asked for, but, gradually, I realized I didn’t. As I traveled further into the city, I felt the traffic reducing considerably;probably, it was the time.

The party begins after 10:00 pm

GrandWest Casino
At the GrandWest Entrance

The taxi entered through the giant iron gates of the GrandWest Casino at around 11:00 pm. While the rest of the city seemed to have gone off to sleep (or at least preparing!!), the crowd only had started pouring in here. Passing through the entrance gate, I passed through a door that opened into a massive hall in front. The GrandWest Casino is not only a casino alone, but extends into an entertainment area with games and activities for all ages including children. While one may get carried away with the idea of visiting a pure Casino, but that’s only one part of the entertainment.

What’s in for the Visitors

Open 24×7, the GrandWest Casino has three massive gambling areas with more than 2500 slot machines and a hundred premium table games. Due to photography restrictions, I was not able to take pictures inside the Casino area, however, the other areas of the GrandWest have no photography restrictions. The GrandWest Casino also offers exclusive memberships for its regular visitors. The players need to buy preloaded cash cards from the cash counter which can then be used on the slot machines or tables.

The GrandWest Casino is also a venue for regular events, live bands, rock shows, celebrity live events, club nights, dance festivals, and wine shows. In short, this place is crowded round the year for one reason or the other. Don’t be surprised if you hit upon your favourite rock band or dance troupe.

GrandWest Casino
The Bowling Areas

If roulette or rummy does not excite you much, or the slot games seem too childish for you, you can explore other things here instead. The casino areas further extend into several other entertainment sections where you can enjoy live music, stage shows, try out hordes of local and global recipes, grab an ice-cream or simply engage in fun activities.

GrandWest Casino
The Kids Zone
GrandWest Casino
Nu Metro Cinemas

The Magic Bowling area has 12 lanes where you can enjoy bowling to no end or simply sit and listen to the rhythmic music. There are two sections for the kids – the Kid’s Corner Creche` and the Magic Arcade to keep those little ones bubbling with energy all the time. If that not be all, walk into the Nu Metro Cinemas to enjoy your favourite movies in 3D.

GrandWest Casino
The Skating Grounds

One of my favourite places (and I kept it for the last on purpose!) was the Ice Station – the exclusive skating grounds. If you have not tried ice-skating before, now is the time. The ice-skating equipment is available for rent at the reception. However, the only catch here is that for skating, you need to be here before 09:00 pm, as the entry, gets closed after that. Needless to mention, I couldn’t try skating as I came after the closing time.

What will you try here?? 

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