My Daughter and I on a Trip to the Guindy Children’s Park Chennai

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I took this trip to Guindy Children’s park while on a short stay at Chennai. The Guindy Children’s Park is essentially a zoo cum play park spread over 25 acres of land.

We took our tickets and entered inside the park to venture around. My idea was to have some fun time with my daughter Sharbani, who is always bubbling with energy. I wanted to enjoy this moment with her to the fullest. She has that traveler’s inquisitiveness in her to know about things and ask questions.

As we entered the premises, Sharbani knew she has lot of things to do here, and meet a lot of animals and birds around. She also spotted the children’s park on the far end of the park, which added to her excitement almost immediately, and I had to ask her to hold on for some more time, till we meet all the animals and then go for the play.

The park has a collection of over 120 species of birds such as the spotted billed or Grey Pelicans, the painted Stork, grey heron, raptors and sea-eagles, as well as animals such as the walrus, black buck, spotted deer, turtles to name a few. It also has a Snake Park which has some of the deadliest snake species such as the King Cobra, common krait, Russell’s viper, red sand boa and the Python apart from crocodiles.

Wondering what to answer???

Being 5 years old, she has already started to read and understand letters and words and can read a book at a slow pace. So, near one of the cages, she read out loud and clear, B-L-A-C-K…. B-U-C-K. The next question was a topsy-turvy for me. She asked inquisitively, “Baba, it reads Black Buck, but the animal is yellow“. Well, honestly, I didn’t have the answer to this question that time. I just caught the eye of my wife and made the same face, which Kajol makes in the Bournvita Ad, ‘Baad mein Bataun’. I am sure this wouldn’t have been the case if she asked her mom, who is a brilliant teacher, and who at this moment was giving a wicked smile from behind. Nevertheless, I found out the answer later on and told her that the yellow ones were the female species, whereas the black were male.

Well, we had seen most of the park by now, and we were moving towards the playing area when suddenly, a spotted deer passed in front of us. It was moving in the open, and probably must have made its way out of the cage. So, I decided to introduce Sharbani with our new friend. Took this snap from up close as they get into an ice-breaking session.

Hah, now came the most awaited part; and the jhulas were waiting for a long time. There was lot of chirping around as the children enjoyed themselves on the ramps. I noticed that million dollar smile on Sharbani’s face as she giggled around the area.

We had a great time today, and learnt a lot of things. It is always a new experience to travel with children. They have fresh questions, new thoughts, observations and ideas. We had to travel ahead from here, and I had to be mentally prepared for some new questions, with my fingers crossed.