Wishing One And All A Very Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

The New Year is arriving, and it is yet again the time to look ahead and find more new and unknown routes, meet new people and create new experiences. Break the ice and create a new beginning. Take that vacation you had long been postponing to meet your loved ones.

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Create Your Magical Moments

Find a reason to be better than before, to inspire someone, to believe more and to smile. This New Year, may you not, wait for the good things to happen. May you create them, without waiting anymore. May you be the one to break the ice and spark that magical conversation, create that everlasting moment and live with more passion.

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Preserve Nature

May you value nature and try to find your own wild side with it. May you preserve it for the future generations and bless them with the gift of natural beauty. May you find your adventure within and reconnect with your real self. May you be blessed with more compassion, persistence and courage.

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Get beyond your comfort zone

May you break free, go beyond yourself, discover new lands and take more risks. May you be blessed with the energy to take to more splendid discoveries while you stay connected to the roots. May you reach places you have never been before and in the journey get even better..

This Year, May You Recreate Yourself……

 Happy New Year



Hi, I am Rajat, and I travel. It started as a hobby and soon became an addiction. Now, it is a compulsion. I travel to learn, to explore, to click and to dream. Join my journey as I take you along the roads less ventured.. and create memorable experiences.

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