Holidaying In Goa This Diwali!!

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Holidaying In Goa This Diwali

So, this Diwali, I had looked for some beach destinations to travel, as it had been long that I had headed for the shores. I wanted to decide upon a place where I could find some unexplored beaches and untouched shores. For the starters, when it comes to planning your trip from Central India, connectivity must never be a problem. Wait a minute, did I say never!

It is actually pain in the nerves! For one, there are no destinations that you can find directly connected, more often, even from the metros. For example, if one intends to travel from Hyderabad to Pondicherry, he will first have to land himself at Chennai, worse, add an unavoidable stay in the itinerary, which is why, often, the foreign travel is cheaper, as most of the tourist spots are directly connected to the Public Transportation Systems. 

Window, PondicherryTo travel to Pondicherry, I would finally have to take a hop from Hyderabad to Chennai, then a road trip from Chennai to Pondicherry, not to forget here making plans from Nagpur to Hyderabad. For a solo-backpacker, this is one of the ways to explore adventures on the go, but for family travel, this might more become a disaster management exercise.   So, I decided to tweak my compass to point to Lakshwadeep Islands, a little more approachable island, that’s what I thought! But here’s the surprise! If you want to go to Lakshwadeep Islands, the cheapest way to travel to Agatti Island, Lakshwadeep is via flight from Chennai, which is on the other side of the country. Rahul dev lakshwadeep - white sands

Finally, I decided to narrow down the option to Goa, where we had not traveled so far. Again, reaching here is not that straight and easy. Goa can be connected with via train as well as road, from both Mumbai and Pune. As for us, our little angel Sharbani hates sitting in A.C cars and road trips. Somehow, I find her ok while traveling by air and train. So, road tripping was beyond question, even though it would have been faster for us to connect. View of Colva Beach
It would have been an ideal combination to take a flight from Nagpur to Mumbai and then a rail trip from Mumbai to Goa. However, the latter option was again unavailable. Being a pre-Diwali season, the chances had narrowed down even more.   I tried reversing the options, and !!!!!  it worked. A rail trip from Nagpur to Mumbai was available, and an even cheaper flight from Mumbai to Goa saved me a decent 5 Grand. Not bad!! So, this is how I am traveling from Nagpur-Goa.

Travel Options From Nagpur-Goa-Nagpur:

FromToByCost of Travel
NagpurMumbaiRail ₹              2,700.00
MumbaiGoaFlight ₹            12,072.00
MumbaiNagpurRail ₹              2,700.00
 Total  ₹       17,472.00

Now to decide upon the stay; It is often not the connectivity to Goa which leads travelers to rethink about traveling there during the peak seasons, it is the accommodations. Even before you can think of planning a stay here, it might cross your budget red lines. Apart from a comfortable and a cheaper stay, I was also looking for some beach activities during my Goan holiday and North Goa serves both the purposes. However, North Goa is also more crowded considering the range of activities and the number of travelers that venture here; which also makes staying in North Goa costlier than the South.   After a little bit of research on Airbnb, I narrowed down to some of the accommodations which could serve the purpose of both comfort and budget.

The best part about being a part of the Airbnb Program is the stay credits you get while you travel and recommend it to your friends. The more people join up under you, the more credits you get as they take more journeys and stays.

My first option was the Colva Holiday Homes next to the Colva Beach. Close to the Goa Airport, close to the beach, has all the major beach sport activities and a decent budget. Nothing could be better than this.

Colva Holiday Homes Colva Beach – Apartments for Rent in South Goa

Apartment in South Goa, India. About the property The full service holiday apartments have a large living room with an attached kitchen and a bedroom with attached bathroom. The living room is furnished with comfortable sofa set and a love seat and also consists of a dining ta… View all listings in South Goa

The second option I homed on to was the Morjim Beach. This is a little calm and quite place (and I enquired that it is safe too!!) with a value for money stay. After checking the reviews, I realized the listing offered what it advertised and was worth a try. there was no harm in keeping the cards in hand.

Family Apartment with kitchen in Morjim

House in Morjim, India. 2 bedroom apartments with a kitchen, a spacious open roof, 15 min walk to the beautiful beach of Morjim View all listings in Morjim

Finally, last but not the least, I narrowed down to this resort in Benaulim Beach. With a resort side pool, it also had the option for the kids to play and the beach was quickly accessible.

Lotus INNGOA Holiday Homes – Apartments for Rent in Benaulim

Apartment in Benaulim, India. Keeping in mind that one would come to Goa to get close to nature & close to the beach, We like to offer this Home away from Home. This place fits the description of being the most convenient location for a home stay on the beach with best amenit… View all listings in Benaulim

To sum up the things, if one has to make a decision, which can be done for any of the properties based upon the budget, facilities, and location, my choices looked somewhat like this.

TakeawaysMorjim ResortBenaulimColva Holiday HomeRemarks
Pricing ₹        5,600.00 ₹  7,600.00 ₹           8,100.00
ActivitiesAway from ResortClose by (Lesser options)Close by (More Options)
Facilities2.53.54scale of 1 to 5
Cancellation Policiesstrictstrictflexible

With all these factors in hand, we decided to go for the third one, and continued with our booking. The booking was smooth and hassle free and all the three accommodations were prompt in response when I posted them with my queries. Overall, it was a great experience to book an accommodation in a new way altogether.

If I have to summarize it up, I was able to crack my Goa Trip at a comfortable 30 Grand. Plus, a day in Mumbai to move around on my return, to enjoy Mumbai too. So, we are all set to travel Goa this Diwali…

Where do you plan to go?

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