Made It To The List Of Winners In HolidayIQ Contest

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HolidayIQ Contest

The HolidayIQ Campaign was hot on Twitter today and it was an interesting contest to be part of. The contest involved posting tweets based around the TVC video. The video connects one with journeys which are close to one’s heart. Everyone in his life once or the the other takes that journey that becomes a lasting experience. The video is a compilation of such instances and everlasting journeys.

During the phase of the contest, there were several moments that connect with the several traveler’s journeys. A question was thrown which looked like this


There is something unique about every journey. And this video helped me to reconnect with one of the hikes I undertook to Tawang,Arunachal Pradesh. And yes, I too found my lake here.

Made It To The List Of Winners In HolidayIQ Contest, HoildayIQ Winner
Ah! I found my lake

Well, my reply to it was almost spontaneous and it lied in the last part of the video where three travelers take a hike in the jungle and after a tiring journey, discover a remarkable lake in front of them. That sigh after the view is the reward of a virtuous traveler who dares to take the road less traveled.


Made It To The List Of Winners In HolidayIQ Contest, HoildayIQ Winner
the path less traveled

So, this is what that came to my mind the moment I saw these travelers discovered their reward.

I least expected that it would jump the scale so fast. In the evening, I was happy to find several retweets and my profile pic on the winner list. I extend my sincere thanks to the HolidayIQ team for organizing such a forthcoming and motivating contest and encouraging the entire travel blog community. Looking forward to more such associations and contests in future.

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