HomeStay- A New Way Of Living Like A Local

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The concept of travel is undergoing a drastic change. Today, travel is more than just a selfie with a monument in the backdrop. With more and more unique travel experiences posted and shared every day, the way people experience travel has been an eye opener for everyone. The trend of connecting with the place is gradually on the rise, and definitely for the good. HomeStay takes a step further to make it happen, with its unique local experiences. 

What Is A HomeStay?

Munnar homestay

The HomeStay is about living and sharing a space in the same house with a local family or a host. This allows you to enter and share the subtle experiences with the locals of a place. It is not about sharing an extra space, where there may or may not be a local staying at all. This means you are under the hospitality of the family you are staying with, share the same dinner tables. This lets you connect with the local culture, customs, interests and experiences. This means you are walking into a house with a host to attend you every single time.

At the core of the HomeStay experience is a host being present to welcome the guest into their home.

Get Your Feet On New Places


Picture Credits: Alberto Rada @Flickr

You can only know about a place as much as you have read about it until you decide to travel there one day. I often meet travellers on my escapes and their identity about India starts with Taj Mahal. Sure, that’s one of the wonders of the world, but there are always new wonders waiting to unfold themselves. And not before start living with the locals do you end up discovering beyond the places’ real identity. The locals help you find and let you pin them in your Travel Journal, and above all, create new travel opportunities for future travellers. The HomeStay is your authentic local resource about getting the real picture about a place; the best food, nightlife, festivals, local cuisines, art and culture, famous and lesser known sights.

HomeStay Vs AirBnB

Airbnb vs Homestay

This question may arise for all who know and have used AirBnB for some time. At one glance, both the concepts might seem the same. That happened to me too in the beginning. I have used AirBnB before and found it an amazing way to connect with the locals. But, there are slight differences to it. And when we speak of it, it is only how you look for the best choices when you are planning your stays. Ideally, a service depends upon how well, it makes easier for both the guest and the host to use. While the concept remains at providing unique, low-cost experiences for the travellers, here are certain differences that can help you make better choices when you decide about using either AirBnB or HomeStay.

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Whom Is HomeStay best Suited For

Hanok Homestay

Picture Credits: Yong Lina @Flickr

HomeStays are ideally suited for students on their education sabbatical, family tourists, volunteers, interns, leisure travellers and language students. It is a great way for travellers to look for budget accommodation along with a local association in a new place. This may be a short visit to a city, a leisure or a business trip or a T-20 match. How else can you make your local experience better than this? The local connections open up a world of opportunities for you and of course, new friends to fall back to, in a new city.

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