How to take a ‘No Baggage’ tour to New Delhi

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“He who would travel happily must travel light.” – Antoine de St. Exupery

And for some reason, if he can’t, he must find ways to get lighter to travel happy!

One of the most annoying things about traveling to any place is the one day or half day layovers, which are not as long enough for you to step into a hotel nor short enough for you to drag on with your baggage.

In Delhi, however, the airport line metro comes up with the solution to this challenge. I have happened to mention a few times how you can use the services of the Delhi Airport Line Metro to get your luggage on the flight beforehand, so that you are ‘hands free’ to explore the city.

In this post, let’s find out some of the ways you can do a ‘no baggage’ tour to New Delhi. 

Beyond the Traditional Railway Locker Room Service

Those who are frequent train travelers would agree that the Railway Locker or Cloak Room Services are among the cheapest ways to get rid of your luggage over a day, especially when you have to travel by train.

The Railway Cloak Rooms allow you to store your luggage for up to 7 days and you can also use a dedicated locker with key to avail the special services.

But here’s the catch? What do you do about traveling all the way to the railway station to get your luggage, when you have to board a flight? That needs another 2-3 hours in hand to get hold of your baggage and travel back to the airport. Bad Idea!!

Instead, what if, there was a way that your luggage directly got checked into the plane and all you’d need to do is, report to the airport at the check-in time? Sounds like a good deal!

Where to avail the luggage check-in service

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Outside Shivaji Stadium Metro

The Airport Express Metro Line might be slightly costlier than the regular metro lines, but it comes with advantages unparalleled.

To start with, it connects the most strategic and important points of the city, from where every other part of Delhi can be connected through the regular metro network.

Second, since the prices are slightly higher than the regular metro service, the station is less crowded, even in the peak hours. Usually, you can expect more crowd over weekends, but on weekdays, it is almost ‘zero crowd’.

Third, the Airport Express Line Metro starts from the T3 Terminal, right under the airport, stops over T2 and Delhi Aerocity so that one can catch the connecting shuttle service to the Terminal 1D, or move ahead to catch a train at the New Delhi Railway Station.

Which Flights allow you a direct baggage check-in?

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If you have a flight in the evening and you have to stay all over the day, you might not like to spend extra bucks checking into a hotel.

It is also equally annoying to hang your baggage while you want to check out the best of New Delhi.

Instead, you would like to know some way by which you can keep your luggage some place and go ‘no baggage’ while you explore the capital, without having to drag your baggage all around.

The early baggage check-in feature of Jet Airways, Air Vistara and Air India allows you to send your luggage for boarding directly to the airport, up to 12 hours prior to your flight. 

You can check-in your baggage for the next flight at the New Delhi Metro Station (for all three flights) or Shivaji Metro Station (For Air India Only). You will find the executives from Jet Airways, Vistara or Air India calling out for passenger’s baggage at these metro stations for early check-in.


Connecting with the New Delhi Railway Station

New Delhi Railway Station

If you have a train to catch, there is no better way to move around in New Delhi than using the Airport Express Metro Line.

If you plan to change travel mode from air travel to train or vice versa, the bad news is that the New Delhi Railway Station and both the Domestic and the International Airport Terminals are poles apart from the railway station.

Going by the New Delhi road traffic, you will need at least two hours to connect with the railway station by road, even more at times.

The good news is that, taking the Airport Express Metro Line route will reach you from the New Delhi Airport to the New Delhi Railway Station in a matter of just 19 minutes. 

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Railway Shuttle Services

Another good thing about reaching the New Delhi Metro Station is that right next to the New Delhi Railway Station, you can get luggage shuttle services, that can get you straight to the entrance of the New Delhi Railway Station.

You can avail this service for as low as 80 INR. This helps you go hands free and ‘no baggage’ until you board the train.

Tips to Use the Airport Express Line Metro Network

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  1. The Airport Terminal Metro starts at Terminal T3. All you need to do is, just walk out of the arrivals and take the sub-way in front of the departure gates.
  2. There are shuttle buses between the three terminals – 1D, T2 and T3. They charge 30 INR and is a convenient no nonsense way to shuffle between the airport terminals.
  3. Shivaji Stadium is one of the stations in the network. You can connect with Connaught Place and the hub of New Delhi with the Airport Metro Network.
  4. The Aerocity Metro Line opens you to the Mahipalpur Extension, from where you can explore all the budget stays in New Delhi. You can get an Airport shuttle bus to Terminal 1D from here too, and it is a real time savior.
  5. It is convenient to take the New Delhi Airport Express Line because it cuts across the city in a span of about 30 minutes in comparison to the other metro lines.
  6. On most occasions, the Express Line is usually less crowded. Hence, it is easier for you to commute, even with the luggage. Also, it lands you right in front of the Airport entry, which taxis might not always be able to.


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