How ‘International Hostelling ‘ Is The Next Gen Backpacker’s Delight

Booking a hotel in a peak season can be quite intriguing. You may think that you can save money by booking earlier, that doesn’t work out most of the time. Airfares, on the other hand, might have already shocked you while you start looking for flight deals, and you are on your way to ‘reconsider’ your trip this year. But if you can bring down your stay expenses significantly, then you can reconsider your travel plans without much compromise. International Hostelling can change the way you can plan your budget international trips this year and hereafter. Here’s how International Hostelling is slowly becoming a backpacker’s delight. 


international hostelling
Zostel Jodhpur

Zostels is an upcoming name in the arena of Indian low-cost backpacking options. Though not much of an International presence so far, except for Vietnam, Zostel can be a haven for the student travelers, backpackers and group travelers. It is presently offering hostels in 12 Indian cities and two in Vietnam. With a dorm price starting as low as Rs. 500/- Zostel seems to fit in every traveler’s budget trip. Zostel offers some of the incredible hostel designs that will immediately get you onboard.


Youth Hostels Association of India

international hostelling
Youth Hostel Association of India

When I read the tagline on the website page- Your passport to become a lifelong globetrotter, I realized I am up for it. The Youth Hostels Association of India is a non-profit organization that helps globetrotters to book low-cost global trips. An ISO 9001:2008 certified facility, YHAI facilitates quality hostelling facilities in major cities and small towns in India, as well as abroad. With an annual membership of as low as Rs. 150/-, you can open worldwide travel opportunities at unimaginable prices.

Wait, it doesn’t end here. You can also seek opportunities for adventure activities such as trekking, camping, hiking, mountaineering and even volunteer for becoming a camping leader. What’s more, their facilities and stay ethics will do nothing less than surprise you. Welcome to the new way of backpacking.

Hostelling International

international hostelling
Hostelling International

Hostelling International is the global organization connecting travelers with International hostel facilities. Again a non-profit, non-political organization, Hostelling International has been in existence since 1932 and helping millions of global travelers, most of them youth, to connect with people, places, and cultures and fulfill their sole mission of global youth development.

 They also are major contributors to sustainability and volunteering by allowing travelers to engage in activities such as reducing carbon footprint, teaching, fair trading practices, eco-friendly activities, to name a few. What’s more, if you have a mission such as this in mind, while you are also traveling, it can add immeasurable value to your purpose.

With Hostelling International, you can not only travel as a backpacker, it also opens opportunities for group and family travel.

Go 5-Star With ‘Hostel Geeks’

International Hostelling
Hostel Geeks

An International chain of 5 Star Hostels? That was also a surprise for me when I came to know of it. Hostel Geeks guides you through your global hostelling plans and helps you choose the right kind of hosteling experience you have been looking for. It shares its ‘geeky guides‘ to create a unique local experience for backpackers.

Slightly different from the conventional style of booking from a website, it helps you take quotes directly from the chic list of global hostels and book directly from the service providers.

Hostel Geeks’ collection of International Hostels is simply amazing- stylish, comfortable and economical, without any compromise on quality and standards.

In the end, contrary to what we may always think, traveling global is cheaper. If you get the right tools, you can create the right experience. International Hostelling can just be the right resource for you to recreate your budget travel experience.