Let’s Take a ‘Piston Break’.

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Piston Break

You have been driving for hours now, moving through the topsy-turvy of the Desert Mountains. The vast nothingness of the vacuum stares back at you, as you rarely come across any civilization for miles together. While you are overwhelmed with all the adrenaline rush of your journey, a moment will come when you call for a pause for some time and so will your wheels. You will need a ‘Piston Break’.

About Piston Break

Placed bang on the Leh highway, Piston Break is a café impossible to escape the eye. Constructed in a classic Mexican styled wooden frame and polish, you instantly feel teleported to the cowboy lands. But wait, you have not entered inside yet.

The interiors of the Piston Break Café are designed in a military styled décor creating a little corner for the rest of the country to connect with the soldier’s life. Everything about this place is soldierly – the camouflage nets on the ceiling, the ice pick axes and skates on the walls, the large mug of coffee, the paintings on the walls and the small menu board round the corner.

The coffee machine invitingly sat next to the billing desk with the beans shining through the containers. Could you resist that! I cannot! The café serves bakes, cookies, and a delectable choice of sumptuous snacks, sandwiches and burgers.

The café divides into two large seating areas separated by a central passage. While you can order the snacks and munches on the first half, the second half serves the bakes and drinks. The food here is not only a humble grub but also super cheap.

Hordes of biker’s gangs and caravan groups pass by this route and this café serves the twitching bellies of most of them. Right outside the café, the Tricolor flag unfurls gently in the air, that will fill your hearts with a sense of pride.

So, if you are part of one of those biker’s gangs any day, take your time to hop in here, while you pass by; even if you do not, trust me, the aroma of the strong coffee coming out from the café will drift you in, unconsciously.

And if you find it well, just ring the bell.

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