Far Away Into The Woods- A Long Drive to Methirji Lake

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Far Away Into The Woods- A Long Drive to Methirji Lake
Far Away Into The Woods- A Long Drive to Methirji Lake
Methirji Lake

About Methirji Lake

In my quest for discovering new camping grounds, I turned the wheels to head to the outskirts of Nagpur city and rode along the NH-6 Nagpur-Aurangabad Highway, to hit Methirji Lake, a picturesque escape to a small village Kondhali along Amravati Road, away from the chaos of the city life.

Just 63 Km from the Nagpur city suburbs, Methirji Lake is located amid forested land ahead of Kondhali village and is easily approachable by road up to the spot. The lake is situated at the bottom of a hillock, with grasslands ideal to pitch up a tent for mobile camping. Surrounded by teak wood forests, the spot is visited by many bird species, to quench their thirst at the crystal clear waters of the lake.

Far Away Into The Woods- A Long Drive to Methirji Lake
The Asian Openbill, on the riverbed

The land on either side of the lake is flat enough to gives a firm base for the camping tents and can also provide for dry firewood in the area. The ideal time for camping here is after the last light as the days are warmer and dry.

Far Away Into The Woods- A Long Drive to Methirji Lake

How To Reach Methirji Lake

The start point of the road-trip can be from the Ravi Nagar Square, Nagpur, the last locality at the suburbs of Nagpur. The easiest access to Methirji Lake is via Kondhali, a junction along the NH-6 Nagpur-Aurangabad Highway, which turns left to the forestland of Kondhali Village. The road is Class-9 single lane up to a distance of 10 Km. inside after which the patch is slightly bad, however, is still negotiable by a jeep or MUV.

Planning The Hike

Essential Timings:

  1. Morning Twilight Time: 05:00 am
  2. First Light Time: 05:45 am (+/-) 15 mins
  3. Last Light Time: 05:45 pm (+/-) 15 mins
  4. Evening Twilight Time: 06:30 pm

The best time to hit the place is by 04:00 p.m, which is two hours before the last light time. This allows adequate site prep time and allows to recover some firewood for the evening. Also, do not underestimate the climate. The day might seem warm but the forest area makes the nights colder. Here are some essentials that you can keep on the trip:-

  1. Essentials: Camp Tent, Camp stool, safety equipment (torch, medi-kit, jungle knife/ swiss knife).
  2. Fire Source and Solar Lamps
  3. Do not forget your barbecue stand. You will enjoy it..trust me.
  4. Pack the woolens. You do not want to underestimate the chill at night.
  5. Keep the cameras and ready. Note the morning twilight times and you want to be ready before that time.
  6. Depth of water on the either end is 8 feet (+/-) 2 feet. Try taking a dip only if you are a confident swimmer.
  7. Communication: Limited. The signal gets weaker as you get into the jungle. There are specific points near the spot where you can get mobile signals.

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