Nature’s Fabric- In my Backyard

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Nature's Fabric

I took this photograph in the backyard of my house, one early morning when I came back from my usual stroll. At the first glance, I thought it might be a silk cocoon, which is awaiting its butterfly phase, but when I looked closely, (and I need you to observe it closely too), I realized the story was different altogether.

If you may have by now, it is a trap laid by the spider next to it, which sits camouflaged in the wall. I went too close to take the click and I was not able to see it until it gave away its place by moving itself, as I approached very close. A sudden change of perspective ushered through my mind as I realized that a ‘death trap’ being so beautiful.

The victim lies completely enclosed inside, completely motionless, while the meticulously combed cob-web encloses the victim leaving no scope for an escape. Nature’s ways are magical and sometimes unpredictable!!!

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