4 years young

On this very day, 4 years ago, I stepped out into the wanderlust, and the journey continues.

Today, it turns 4 years young.

As another year passes by, it only adds to the distances traveled and distances met.

Wrapping up another year, it is always nostalgic to retrace the footprints of the places traveled.

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Ayur County Resorts

Kerala as they say is ‘God’s own country’. Blessed with iconic natural beauty, carpets of tea gardens lining the hill-slopes and spectacular lakes Kerala casts its spell on anyone visiting here, every single time. Amid the breathtaking beauty of the Munnar Valleys is nestled the Ayur County Resorts, a stay that had much more to speak than comfort. 

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Science City

It is sometimes great to let go off the ‘adult’ in you and become a child again. Visiting Science City is not one of those things that usually comes on my travel list. Over time however, I have learnt to let go off my prejudices about a place. And when it is about learning the universal secrets, a planetarium is a place that not only lets you learn, but also makes learning all the more fascinating. 

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Travel Maps

One thing that is always intriguing for the travel bloggers is to summarize their journeys. To do that needs a lot of effort, as it has taken long time travel hopping from one destination to the other in your never-ending quest. Maps are a great way to create a compilation of your escapades. Here’s how you can create an impressive travel map for your blog.

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Piston Break

You have been driving for hours now, moving through the topsy-turvy of the Desert Mountains. The vast nothingness of the vacuum stares back at you, as you rarely come across any civilization for miles together. While you are overwhelmed with all the adrenaline rush of your journey, a moment will come when you call for a pause for some time and so will your wheels. You will need a ‘Piston Break’.

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