If your day does not start without the brew of coffee in your hands and newspaper, then probably the coffee farms of Chikaldara will be the next destination on your bucket-list. I took a drive deep into these fascinating hill-curves, to discover how they get the finest hand crafted coffee to our kitchen drawers.

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Constructed in 12th Century, the impregnable Gawilgarh fort is surrounded from three sides with vertical gorges and the fourth side with a lake. The fort provides a defensive position that acted as a vantage point, making it impossible to penetrate. Taking a journey into these ruins today to find out more about this remarkable fortification.

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At 3500 feet, Chikhaldara sports a weather conducive for strawberry farming. With the farms spread in over 100 talukas, the district can form a potential market for supply of finest strawberries to the country. Bringing to you wonderful stories straight from the Strawberry Farms of Chikhaldara, Amravati.

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