A Photo Journey- #Part-1: Breathtaking Moments From Assam

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The Nature's Canvas

A six month long journey to Assam has finally come to an end. I have returned with lots of memories, goodwill, and stories. i journeyed through the remote villages, between the lush green fields, sailed on the artistic boats on the Brahmaputra waters and captured some breathtaking landscapes, sunrises and sunsets. Here is a small photo-journey for my readers. These are some of my favourite pictures as I traveled across the entire state. 

Entrance to Sibdol, Sibsagar, Assam Photojourney, Assam Attractions., Assam Places
Entrance to Sibdol, Sibsagar

The Sibdol in Sibsagar district is the heart of the city. Overlooking the calm and serene waters of the Sibsagar lake, the Sibdol Temple is a major tourist attraction and is a must see monument when you drop in here.

Along the Disang RiverBanks, Assam Photojourney, Assam Attractions., Assam Places
Along the Disang RiverBanks

A tributary of the Brahmaputra river, this channel cuts across the Sibsagar district and creates some of the most fascinating landscapes and reflections during the rainfalls. The water is calm and peaceful, yet risky to cross over. I never took a chance to take a dip here, as I knew from the surface it is deep enough to silently engulf one inside without a sign. Some things are better enjoyed from far, they say!!

Tea Gardens on the Way, Assam Photojourney, Assam Attractions., Assam Places
Tea Gardens on the Way

A tea garden I came across while traveling along NH-37 from Tezpur to Jorhat. The Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary is not the only treasure the state of Assam has to offer, but it has vivid surprises, often experienced when you become a part of the place.

A Pinkish Sunset, Assam Photojourney, Assam Attractions., Assam Places
A Pinkish Sunset

An evening just another day as I settled down after my daily travel. Just went out for an evening walk and found the evening waiting for me with this splendid view. Couldn’t help but capture the moment as I didn’t wanted them to fade away in time.

The Nature's Canvas, Assam Photojourney, Assam Attractions., Assam Places
The Nature’s Canvas

I have little understood and intrigued as to how nature paints such magnificent pictures across the sky. An evening on my way to Dibrugarh as I pass by a vast rice field in front. The rains had just stopped and the sun was bidding an adieu, while it brushed a ray of hope across the horizon. this picture is one of my favourites. What do you think about it??

That's my Rainbow, Assam Photojourney, Assam Attractions., Assam Places
That’s my Rainbow

Rain, rain come again, make another rainbow again!! Though it had rained last night, the day today was clear, yet it suddenly popped a rainbow across the sky out of the blue. By the time, I could adjust my camera for that perfect semicircle, it was quick to fade away with the flowing wind. I was able to catch a glimpse though!!

And my journey continues further!!!

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