Photoblog- A Day In Pune

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Visited Pune after a long time. As I was walking the lanes of MG road, a feeling of nostalgia surrounded my mind. Though a lot of things have changed, but few still remain.

The Erstwhile ‘Barista Cafe’ of Jani Mansion

East street Pune

Exploring the East Street of Pune, the time flows here at its own pace. There is no hurry here, and you do not need to hurry too. One of the oldest lanes of Pune, the East Street of Pune sports some of the oldest and most traditional architectural properties of the City. The Jani Mansion reminded me of the Barista Outlet here during my Engineering days between 2000 – 2004. During exams, I used to escape with my friends here at mid-nights, and while for the rest of the city, it used to remain closed, we enjoyed an ‘unspoken’ access here. The rich coffee here would keep us awake until the next day for the examinations.

Old Lanes, New Fames

MG Road Street

Walking along the MG Road street, the scene was slightly different today. The Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Statue and round-about was new and did not exist earlier. It sort of organized the crowd, which used to be uncontrolled earlier, trying to cross over the place where the roundel stands now, making the traffic unmanageable.


Overlooking the German Bakery

The part of the street where you find some of the best dineouts of Pune – the Sizzlers, Ramakrishna, the German Bakery to name a few.

The MG Road in the Evenings

Evening Pune Streets

photoblog-a-day-in-puneCome evenings, and you won’t know where all the people came in from. They just pour in from all directions, and leave you clueless where they hid all day.


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