Sun Photography

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My collection of sun photography from my travels across the country. I am fascinated by the energy and potent of the Sun. The source of life and energy, it rises and sets everyday uninterrupted and undeterred, leaving behind a lesson for us, one which we often tend to miss out as we run through our daily mundane lives.. the importance of living our lives to the full potential.

Every sunrise brings in our lives the power to restart!! The power to pick up our worn out tools and get building again. For the sun does not fail to rise the next day just because it feels that it is about to rain and there will be clouds in between; or may be it thinks that it needs to take a break today as it is tired of rising everyday; or that he does not want to rise today as no one thanks him for it. It showers it glow over every single being living or dead, large or small, macroscopic or microscopic without any exceptions or discrimination. 

Every sunset lets us know that this is not the last day. Tomorrow will come again and give us a reason to continue again, and that today, its time to contemplate upon what we have added to our lives. It gives us the opportunity to take a halt and look back, and seek for the loved ones who await at home, and are also a part of our dreams..

As I continue recording my journeys, I intend that every sunset and sunrise that I encounter from any part of this earth gives me the strength to make the most of my life and bless me with the courage to tread the path less traveled……