The Taste of Royalty – ‘The Queens of India Restaurants Bali’

If someone you meet on your journey tells you they don’t crave for their food back home, probably they are lying. If not, there wouldn’t have been luxury hotels and restaurants serving multi cultural cuisines at the same place. The Queens of India Restaurants in Bali, was one such experience where I actually felt at home, at least for the food. Here’s my dining experience with the finest Indian Restaurants in Bali. 

The Queens of India Restaurants Bali

Queens of India
Mrs. Neeta Malhotra and her dream venture

The Queens of India is a chain of Indian Restaurants in Bali, that serves authentic Indian food on a foreign soil. The Queens of India started off with its first restaurant in Jakarta in 1986. A simple passion from an Indian homemaker’s kitchen transformed into a delectable journey that shared the values and taste of the Indian culture. Since then, the chain has come up with four more restaurants in the nerve centers of Bali, so that you do not miss out on the taste that speaks of Indian Traditions.

Mrs. Neeta Malhotra the lady behind the dream is the Director-owner of Queens Chain of Restaurants in Bali & founder President of BIFA – Balinese Indian Friendship Association, an organization that has been formed to strengthen the ties between the two cultures and allow them a chance to understand and celebrate each other’s rich culture together.

A 5th generation Indonesian citizen of Indian origin born and brought up in Bali, Mrs. Neeta, since 2008, has been actively taking part in promoting BIFA and one of the key driving forces behind the organization’s growth over the years.

Today, the Queen’s have their branches spread in all four corners of Bali and offer a rich palate of several authentic Indian as well as International cuisines. The restaurant has won several awards and recognitions due to the sheer efforts of Mrs. Neeta Malhotra and her vibrant team.

Finding My Connects With The Queens

Queens of India

It so happened that while I was planning my trip to Bali, I was trying to connect with the locals before hand during my online research. Seeing Queens of India on this side of the map was kind of exciting.

I figured out their email and contact number and finally, when I exchanged messages, I realized that Sumit Dipke, the person answering on the other side was not only from my state but also had briefly spent some time of his life in my hometown – Nagpur.

I rarely believe in the formula of ‘Law of Attraction’, but there are strange ways in which your journey often unfolds. This is one of the many ways things seem to go beyond mere coincidences.

I was organizing a Group Tour to Bali (one of the ways I occasionally fund my trips), and I was sure that food was one of the major concerns – not everyone understands and believes in the term – experimentation. That’s perfect! Just when I was thinking how to address the concern, the help was right there!

Queens of India
Queens Tandoor Seminyak

Entering into the Queen’s Tandoor Seminyak, the place is crowded, all times of the day. There is hardly any time to breathe for the staff, as customers pour in from all directions.

Evenings are the busiest times and surprisingly, there are more Non-Indian Travelers trying out Indian Cuisine than the Indian Travelers. Looks like Indian spices have traveled the length and breadth of the globe, in different ways!!

I interacted with a pilot from Garuda Indonesia on the same trip and and he turned out to be a fan of Indian Cuisine and spices.

Organizing Our Foodie Trails with Queens

Queens of India

Right time, right place and right order, was something I was bothered about. The group of 40 was not very large but not small enough to handle alone.

Whether it was about a ‘Bombay Chowpati Retreat’ at the Nusa Dua Beach or a breezy dinner at the Jimabaran Beach shores, or celebrating a birthday function with the Nawabi Styled decor, every concept was just there. It also happened that on some occasions, due to the sight seeing lined up, we packed up our food and took it with us.

One of the best parts of our entire foodie trail was that the chef was NOT Indian, but Balinese. 

Imagining an Indian Chef to serve a native cuisine is not a rare phenomenon to happen, but a native chef serving Indian Cuisine on his land was a rare thing to experience. Especially, if the chef makes jalebis and chapatis with the same dexterity as any Indian chef would!

Where to Look for the Queens Restaurants

Website: Queens India Bali

Contact: Jl. Raya Seminyak, No 1/73
Phone : (+62 361) 732 770 | Fax : (+62 361) 732 771
Email : [email protected]
Business Hours : 12:00 AM – 23:30 PM

By now, if you could figure out what awaits you on your platter, and you are somewhere in Bali right now, its time that you search for one of the outlets nearby.

Let me make that easier for you. The Queens Restaurants have outlets at the prime tourist hot spots of Bali – right next to the most popular beaches – Kuta, Seminyak, and Nusa Dua beaches and one at Ubud.

So, if you are reading this post right now while walking along the Bali Streets, why not hop in to one of the restaurants for a delectable Indie Food Trail!!

What To Try Out Here:-

I am essentially a Non-Vegetarian but I was simply in love with the vegetarian appetizers and curries. You can find almost any Indian platter here from North Indian delicacies to South Indian specialties.

If you are on a lookout for some spicy snacks, the Mumbai Chat is about to surprise you and its taste would virtually teleport you back home.

Do let me know what you liked!