Raj Indian Restaurant – The Taste of Home on a Distant Land

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Raj Indian Restaurant

Frankly speaking, the Raj Indian Restaurant was a matter of accident. For a moment, I had almost escaped it while moving along the Camps Bay Area, but then it was right there staring back at me, from the other side of the road. Finding a little spaces of your own country on a distant land is nothing less than a blessing in disguise. 

When the hunger sets in!!

Raj Indian Restaurant
Camps Bay Area

I was almost done for the day at the Camps Bay area. The water was cold enough to give chatters to the teeth, although it was great to walk along the beach.

Raj Indian Restaurant
Just another day on the Camps Bay Shores

The waters near the shore is full of coral reefs and finding the dry coral reefs polyps along the shores is not an unusual fact.

It was peak hours of the day on the rather narrow streets of the Camps Bay Area. Hordes of Hop-On-Hop-Off buses moved in either directions, blocking the view of almost everything on the other side of the road.

Placed between the two important natural landmarks, the Lion’s Head and the Table Mountain, Camps Bay sports a perfect landscape in its backdrop.

Everything about the place was just perfect. But you know when a man is hungry, he is hungry. Rest can wait. That works perfectly in my case too.

And I was really hungry right now.

Normally, I do not mind experimenting with food but this was not one of those days. I wanted to eat until the food filled up to my chest.

And I could see that I didn’t have much choices.

How I bumped into Raj Indian Restaurant

Raj Indian Restaurant
India on the other side of the road

I have seen people speaking about ‘Law of Attraction’ many a times and saying – Ask and you will get it! I had not believed this thing for a long time now,

I was too presumptuous at the moment. I was scanning through the rows of restaurants across the road and had this weird wish of bumping into Indian Food.

It was not happening, I knew; until the crowd of buses cleared out from the road.

Right across the street, to my surprise, I could see this blue banner staring straight at me, as if the ‘law of attraction’ call had been answered. I could literally listen to my inner voice echoing – No way!!

Indian Food Over a Seaview

Raj Indian Restaurant
Sea view from Raj Indian Restaurant

Located bang across the sea shore, Raj Indian Restaurant has chosen the venue with utmost smartness.

You can sit down here and feel the gentle breeze brushing past you and the sound of the waves at a distance.

It was afternoon and as I browsed through the menu, I could not help but go for a mocktail before I ordered food.

The restaurant serves authentic Indian food, especially North Indian dishes. For a moment, you will find yourself teleported back home, on your dining table, except for the fact that the sea-wave sounds will keep bringing you back to the present.

Raj Indian Restaurant
Mocktail over sea breeze

I asked the restaurant staff about the best mocktail they served, and did they disappoint me!

I guess they were too impressed with James Bond, so much that their best drink turned out to be the Virgin Mojito (I was not too concerned whether it was shaken or stirred.. 🙂 )

The refreshing lime in the mocktail was a rejuvenating pulse. It drained away all the fatigue.

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Raj Indian Restaurant
Malabar Fish

A bong can be rarely separated from fish and that applies to me too. I eyed through the menu card and spotted the Malabar Fish. Added to it was the combination of Peas Mushroom in a rich cream gravy that made for a perfect gastronomic lunch.

I took my time to savor the spices as they melted slowly in my mouth.

Here’s what I ordered here:

Drink: Virgin Mojito 

Main Course: Malabar Fish, Peas Mushroom in cream gravy served with rice

Tips for the Table.

  1. Your tip will be included in the bill and you do not need to pay separately on the table.
  2. Restaurant timings : 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm weekdays and Saturdays and 12:00 pm to 10:30 pm Sundays. So, it is a good idea to plan a wholesome lunch here.
  3. It is a good idea to grab the seating near the entrance as it gives a clear view of the Camps Bay Beach.
  4. Water is a scarce resource in this part of the world too. We can extend a responsible hand by not wasting it here.

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