Life reflects upon us in many ways. Most depend upon the eye of the observer. Reflections await the observer to get noticed, but never reveal themselves. They stay and wait, until one stops in the moment and contemplate them in silence. Here are some silent moments in pictures, that you can look upon to reflect upon your life. 


Reflections of the “Orange City”

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While you sit back and let the time pass by, reflections surface. They remove the blurred visions of time and let you experience the clearer picture of life. Reflections let you see the clearer form of your present, and let you come back from the illusion you surround yourself with.

At a train station in Assam

Reflections do not inform when they come. They do not let you prepare. They just reflect, when you are least prepared. They just stay there, and await the right one. The right eye, the right observer. They just skip the eye like any other ordinary things in life, unless, you halt the moments in time, and capture them forever.

You find them in the middle of nowhere

You might feel you are alone, but you are never. Your reflections stay with you, they follow you with the same passion as you follow your dreams.

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