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Rajwada Baner

On this trip to Pune, I traveled to the uptown and trendy locality of Baner, having the costliest properties of Pune City. Baner also has a lot of traditional properties, restaurants and markets which reflect the signature of the Pune traditions. However, unlike Kolkata, these traditional buildings also have evolved pretty well, maintaining their charm and liveliness with the modern times. This time, I wanted to check out the Fabhotels Chain for review and spotted one at Baner. Here’s a quick look into the Hotel Rajwada Baner. 

Booking Hotel Rajwada Baner

Rajwada Baner

This time, I decided to put this section in this post because I felt that the ease of online booking is one of the major factors apart from actually staying at the hotel. I have kind of started losing faith on Bookingdotcom for the very simple reason that they ask for moon in prices and promise peanuts in miles. I am here to let them know that there are more services taking over the competition, lest they are watching it.

This was a last-minute booking and when I was searching for the properties on, it was almost twice the others, which prompted me to close the website right away. After several frustrating searches, I actually booked the rooms directly from the Fabhotels website instead, which allowed me to get a good price deal of INR 1700 per night and an easy “hold and pay later” option.

About Hotel Rajwada Baner

Distance from Pune Railway station: 9.3 kms (30 mins drive)

Distance from Pune Airport: 15 km (42 mins drive)

Address:  S.No.15/A, Kale Park, Someshwar Wadi Road,Off Baner Road, Ward No. 8, Someshwarwadi, Pashan, Pune, India

Rajwada Baner
Hotel Rajwada Reception
Rajwada Baner
The Open Air Restaurant

Rajwada Baner

The Hotel Rajwada Baner is a boutique budget accommodation and is an extension of the traditional Rajwada Restaurant in Baner area. The hotel is spread over two floors, and has just 12 stylish rooms with a minimalist design. The hotel is one of the many budget properties lining the area and is a good choice, if not better if you are looking for a budget stay in a rather expensive city such as Pune.

Rajwada Baner

Rajwada Baner

The Rajwada Restaurant is a uniquely styled dine out with an open air seating area as well as indoor dining space called the Imperial China. The open air restaurant is further split into three sections – the center area designed on the flowing water theme that creates a soothing ambiance in the evenings; the corner areas are lined up with gardens and usually for small groups; the covered seating on the right that is exclusively for the private groups.

I arrived at the hotel at 08:30 in the morning and like any hotel, I was expecting a hesitation at the reception for a check-in, as most hotels do, with a 12 noon check-in. That is fairly understandable. I decided to take a chance though and asked the reception if they can spare a room for about half an hour so that I quickly refresh after the journey. to my surprise, they not only said yes, but helped me out-of-the-way by allotting me a room for sometime without an early check-in*. I checked into the hotel at a later time in the afternoon after I got over with my work here.

Disclaimer: It is not my intent here to make this a regular practice for other travelers and the hotels too might not agree to such requests. 

The Rooms and Amenities

There is both plus and minus side to stay with this hotel. While there is enough emphasis on the design and decor of the hotel rooms, some of the basics were missing. The rooms are a spacious 130 sq ft, that fits in a comfy queen size bed, a sleek couch and a bathroom with plush jacuzzi fitted inside. The laundries are available on request.

The minus side is that after all this decor, you do not have an in-house tea arrangement, meals are not served in room and the restaurant is actually a separate entity from the hotel. For ordering any food, you actually need to make a call on the restaurant’s landline number to order food. The food service is not as per the hotels requirements, but as per restaurant timings. That leaves you without tea in the morning unless breakfast is served.

What is Nearby?

Rajwada Baner

The Baner area is surrounded with a number of small restaurants, lounges and cafe’s. While there was little choice for meals, when I went out to explore the place, I bumped into Minus 18 Degrees, a restaurant that serves only breakfast menu.

Review- Fabhotels Rajwada Baner

  • Location – 9/10: Well connected with the mainstream city and easily approachable from both the Airport and Railway Station.  
  • Pricing – 9/10: The price I got here was that of budget. As far as the budget properties go, you can’t expect better than this. Typical room prices start from INR 1500 onwards
  • Check-In and Reception – 9/10: Great hospitality. They went out-of-the-way for even the smallest things I needed here. I guess that makes up for the things that are missing with the hotel. 
  • Food – 7/10: I sincerely look towards the fact that they make their own facilities for food service or at least coördinate things between their hotel and restaurant better. 
  • Transport Availability – 8/10: The OLA and Uber taxis are easily available from here to move to the rest of the city. 
  • Room Service – 8/10:  They were quick and prompt in attending my requests. 
  • Overall rating – 8/10:  A good budget stay here. Hope to see them soon again!
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