Nestled right next to the Seminyak Beach, the Grandmas Hotel Seminyak is a chic and elegant hotel with vibrant aesthetics and ambiance. The hotel surrounds itself with spas, restaurants, shopping areas and nightlife. Here’s a quick review of my four nights stay at this resort.

Location: Grandmas Seminyak Hotel

The best part about the hotel is its place. It is just 200 meters from the Seminyak beach. Come mornings and you will find travelers all set with their surfboards heading for the beach. Everything you need is within arms reach. The evenings bustle with people of all races and languages. It is like you are part of a never-ending festival here. The only hassle though is to move through the narrow and busy lanes while coming from the Ngurah Rai Airport, which might make the airport transfer seem a little longish.

Staying with Grandmas

The room interiors



I simply loved the color combinations. The whites, greens, and browns make up for an awesomely fresh, vibrant and eco-friendly design. The rooms though smaller in size- 18 sq.m. complements it with the soothing aesthetics and ambiance. Every single space in the room has been meticulously designed and used. I simply loved the corner table which had the electric kettle for my morning tea, a minibar on one side and can you spot that open locker? The challenge-Chinese style electrical sockets; despite this fact, the crew is simply good. There is never a ‘no’ for an answer when you seek help. You ask for help and you get one.

Amenities and Services




The hotel has a semi-outdoor restaurant that looks chic and classy in the mornings and gets lively and vibrant with music in the evenings. The restaurant serves English, Continental, Thai, and Balinese cuisines, and I preferred for the English breakfast in the mornings for all the good reasons. It also has some mouth-watering snacks if you are looking for a quick bite and escape to the beach. The Thai Chicken Wrap and the Spring Roll not only had an eye-soothing garnish but also a savory taste.Grandmas


If you are a bit of a health freak and like to explore the town at a slow pace, then you can grab yourself a bicycle from the reception. The bikes are available as a complimentary service and are limited. If you are early to ask, you can grab one and get going!!

But if you are looking for a quick ride instead, just walk downstairs the restaurant and you will find the Scoopy services available for you. Similar to the Indian ‘Scooty’, the Scoopy is a geared two-wheeler; sleek, swift and powerful. It can swiftly move you through the crowded streets where you might otherwise get stuck while you are taking a taxi.


BaliFor Indian travelers, this could be the best bet to move around in the city independently; however, you must own an international driving license, which can help you to drive two and four wheelers in more than 190 countries across the globe.

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The even better part about the Grandmas Hotel is the evenings. After a long day at the beach, when you are back here, the evening musical band awaits to recharge you and get set for the later part of the day (rather night). Every evening, the band plays different tunes; blues, jazz, pop, and rock. All you need to do is, just grab yourself a table and rejoice the evening as it gets younger. dscn0202


Hotel Grandmas Review

I had made a booking in Grandmas Hotel for 2 nights and as I planned to extend my stay in Bali, I think it was not at all a bad idea to extend my stay here for another 2 nights. Here’s what I have to say about the stay at Grandmas in a nut-shell:-

  • Location – 8/10: Well connected with Seminyak area and walking distance from the Seminyak Beach. The hotel though is difficult to connect while coming from the airport, especially when you enter the Seminyak area where the road is single lane.
  • Pricing – 9/10: Very good for a budget stay. I paid Rs. 1500/- per night for the stay with a flexible payment on arrival option.
  • Check-In and Reception – 8/10: Splendid and smooth. The staff is really cooperative and forthcoming for anything you need.
  • Food – 9/10: Good and has a variety of options to choose from – Thai, Continental, English, and Balinese.
  • Transport Availability – 9/10: You can easily get two-wheelers, cars, and taxi services right outside the hotel. Ask for the blue-bird taxi services. They are legit and charge as per travel meters. electric auto-rickshaws, metro connectivity from here to reach anywhere within minutes.
  • Room Service – 8/10: Just right. There were few glitches but they are insignificant.
  • Overall- 9/10: I would love to stay here again. 

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2 thoughts on “Review: Grandmas Hotel Seminyak

  1. The aesthetics indeed look wonderful, so thoughtful of them to design the rooms to perfection.
    Glad you had a nice time there…1,500 is a decent price even otherwise!

    1. Thanks Alok.. Yes.. I actually studied their review before I decided to book with them. The only hotel that I found on Agoda and Tripadvisor with more than 1500 reviews. Seems like most of the travelers prefer booking here. And after staying with them, I realized that they were correct…

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