Hotel Star Paradise

I recently visited  Delhi and I decided to visit and explore the parts of Delhi I had left for later. Since it was the area around Safdarjung I wanted to explore, I chose to stay close to the main bazaar of New Delhi station. Located in the heart of the city, the Hotel Star Paradise was closest from my places of interest, plus I was keen on exploring the bustling streets around. 

Connected to the Mainstream


The good part about this hotel is that it is well-connected to the mainstream. It is one of the budget hotels you can afford to stay in during your trip in New Delhi. There is no dearth of public transport, from local auto rickshaws, metro rail, and buses. The market in the area serves for most of the traveller’s requirements – food, money exchange and transfers, shopping and transport. The hotel was not difficult to find as the Tripit app on my phone helped me keep everything in place before my trip.

The bad part- overcrowd, chaos and noise. Although you can quickly connect with the mainstream from here, you need to be mentally prepared to deal with the crowd here. Too many options also allow too many nuisances along with the genuine ones, which are often indistinguishable. Delhi is famous to test the nerves of even the most seasoned travelers and sometimes getting around them becomes a major challenge.

Hotel Star Paradise – Rooms and Services

I had booked a room in Hotel Star Paradise from as a part of my Frequent Flying Miles program, that allows me to credit miles for my travel into my flying miles account. Although the rooms that I saw in the pictures as also the place seemed quite promising, the services turned out to be a little disappointing after I reported at the reception desk.

The hotel has three stories along with a terrace view restaurant. In fact, it was this terrace view restaurant that attracted me more, apart from other convenient reasons to book a room in Hotel Star Paradise. The rooms were just enough comfortable for a single person, however, while booking, I had requested for a deluxe room.

Hotel Star Paradise

Here’s how things get bad, especially in Delhi. Sometimes I do not understand, is it a perpetual problem with Delhites to project an information that looks attractive from far, and poor when confronted. I do not intend to generalize here, and it disappoints me even more about the fact that I have given some part of my life to Delhi. I have some really vivid memories of Delhi and I feel at home when I often travel here, lest for the ever-increasing nuisance value that I meet in every other trip. The travellers who come to India from abroad only speak of two things – New Delhi and Taj Mahal, but they are often confronted with things that leave them with scars from inside.

When I made the booking, I had paid for a deluxe a.c room, but when I turn up at the reception, the hotel receptions smartly directed me first to a shabby room where there was no space to move. Either you do not project a deal at the first place or if you promised a deal, keep it! It’s that simple.

Hotel Star Paradise

Hotel Star Paradise

I have always been cold and rigid on such people and they just crossed the line today. Eventually, when I created a little pressure on the receptionist, he realized that he has ended up with someone who will take what he has paid for, no matter what. I guess that should have come without asking, and not by confrontation.

Anyways, the room I then received was actually what I paid for, rather being off-season time, the Hotel Star Paradise was less occupied. The room was cozy, comfortable and up to the standard that I desired and deserved. One thing that I learnt here was – sometimes, life shows you a hazy picture of things. Unless you clear the picture yourself, you do not reach where you have started for. You will get what you ask for, you need to ask it with confidence.

What is Nearby

One of the good things about staying here was the hotel’s connectivity with the market. From street hawkers to showrooms, this single street lane has all kinds of activities for shoppers. You can find cheap designer leather, clothes, ornaments, hand-made perfumes and of course, North Indian food.

Hotel Star Paradise

I was more interested in trying out some restaurants in the evening, and thankfully, I didn’t travel too far for it. The Drunkyard Cafe` waited just across the street. I was not disappointed. The restaurant serves all three meals and has options for both vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians.

Hotel Star Paradise

I ordered a fruit beer and that was relaxing and a hearty vegetarian meal after that which was enough to let everything go. The markets outside is active until midnight and usually, it is recommended to close in early considering the infamous repute of the capital city.

Hotel Star Paradise Review

I stayed in Hotel Star Paradise for two days. I found it an overall comfortable stay, though I had to ask out for it. This is how I would like to review the hotel, after  experiencing its facilities for two days.

  • Location – 9/10: Well connected. Close from the New Delhi station and easily traceable. You won’t need to run around too much searching for it.
  • Pricing – 9/10: Very good for a short trip and budget stay. I paid Rs. 1500/- per night for the stay.
  • Check-In and Reception – 7/10: I am sure they will understand why I do this and keep in mind that customers look for transparency and uprightness. Everyone is ‘smart’ enough.
  • Food – 8/10: I tried the breakfast here and it was okay. It is exactly what is with most of the hotels.
  • Transport Availability – 9/10: You can easily get CNG auto-rickshaws, electric auto-rickshaws, metro connectivity from here to reach anywhere within minutes.
  • Room Service – 8/10: The room service turned out to be a surprise game changer. He had quick information about how to quickly find transport and look around for metro connectivity.


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