There are very few places that you go to that come with a personal touch. Especially, when it comes to hotels, finding a place that creates more of a traditional ambiance is rare to find. The Radoli House in Jaipur is among the few homestays where you instantly connect with the roots of the place. Let’s take a look what you can experience here on your journey to Jaipur. 

Reaching Radoli House

The auto rickshaw zigzagged through the silent lanes of the Bani Park area at midnight. We had a taken a 4 hour journey on the Double Decker Chair Car (literally a double-decker train like the double-decker bus) and reached Jaipur at 11:00 pm. It was only the bargain with the auto rickshaw drivers that got us delayed a little more. Passing through the streets of Jaipur, I realized that the city looks even livelier at nights.

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Radoli House
Entry with a blast

Address: D-77 Giya Marg, Bani Park, Jaipur, India 302016

After a 25 mins drive, and lots and left and right turns, we stood in front of our destination – The Radoli House. The entry had an impressive iron gate with a small artillery cannon in front; this is the least I expected with a homestay, but then I realized I am in Jaipur, the city of the warrior class, where the air speaks of the Rajputana culture. There are two things that any warrior can’t do without – a weapon and a ride..

Staying with Radoli Heritage House



The name is right of the place. Radoli is essentially a heritage house converted into a hotel. Maintaining its traditional looks, the house has been intelligently redesigned and converted into a hotel. Well preserved armoury on the walls, exquisite furnishings, archival collections, intricate designs on the walls and ceiling, it is like walk-through of a small palace, if not a larger one.

After a smooth check in, we finally entered our room, and were not surprised at all. Elegantly designed, each room has its own charm and ambiance. Simple yet classic in style, it has not compromised on comfort anywhere.


Amenities & Services

The building spreads over three floors and has only 17 rooms. Although a 12-noon check-in, you have the flexibility of a 12 pm check-out which makes your trip flexible, if you are looking for an extended stay; especially, when you have to move in the evenings.


If I have to speak about the real attraction of this house, it would be the open terrace with the dining area. A vibrant combination of yellows and blues, it will instantly win your attention. With an open air lounge, you bet it is an ideal place to watch over the Pink City in the evenings over a drink.

You can also ask the hotel staff for concierge services; they can arrange it, on personal request; however, they did not have their in-house arrangements for the same. A typical taxi service charges anywhere between Rs. 1200/- to Rs. 1500/-. A word of caution though, when you travel with the private taxi services – Most of the taxi services try to lure you into expensive shopping and try swaying you away from the street shops. A balanced approach could help when you try using such services.


On our trips, we usually do not look for too much of jazzy stuff.  The breakfast was just what we expected; simple, appetizing and just what we needed for a hearty breakfast. As you relish over your food, you can always enjoy the serene early morning views of the city.

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All in the family
Embracing the panorama of the early morning Pink City

The Bani Park area is well-connected with the Jaipur Railway Station and is close to the city center. You can easily connect with the city on private e-autorickshaws and cabs. Being a tourist town, the city also has come up with the open air city tour buses as well as double decker buses that can make your city exploration better.

Double Decker Buses in Jaipur

Review: Radoli Heritage House

This was the first time, when it was slightly difficult for me to take a decision as to whether I should put it in a Homestay or a Hotel category; of course, for all the obvious reasons. However, with the amenities that are available here, I decided to rate it as hotel stay.

  • Location – 8/10: Close to the railway station but distant from the airport. Not a wise idea on peak tourist seasons as it might get difficult to skim through the traffic to travel 14 km to the airport.
  • Pricing – 8/10: Great for a budget stay and worth the price. We got what we paid for. 
  • Check-In and Reception – 9/10: Great service. Warm and lively; you will not repent arriving late at night.  
  • Food – 9/10: Simple and sumptuous. Exactly what you should eat when you travel. 
  • Transport Availability – 8/10: Preferably better from the railway stationYou will need to bargain a little with the transport services here, but should get a good bargain eventually. 
  • Room Service – 8/10: They were always a call away..whenver you needed anything. 
  • Overall- 8½/10:  Perfect family stay. Nice and comfortable. Recommended for a luxury family stay.


Hi, I am Rajat, and I travel. It started as a hobby and soon became an addiction. Now, it is a compulsion. I travel to learn, to explore, to click and to dream. Join my journey as I take you along the roads less ventured.. and create memorable experiences.

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