transeraOn my recent group tour to Bali, I chose the Transera Kamini Resorts for the group stay. Nestled in the bustling Legian neighbourhoods, it was an obvious choice for the group due to its location, group preferences, amenities and choice of activities for the group. A small luxury resort, it offers surprisingly chic facilities that will take anyone by surprise. Here’s a review of my sneak peek into this comfy and exquisite resort.

Location: Transera Kamini Resorts

The Kamini Resort earns its most accolades for the location. Located in the heart of the tinsel town, everything from Kamini Resorts is within arms reach. The resort is ideal for a small group size and for our group, and being a group of 40 travelers, we got the advantage of reserving the entire resort for ourselves. Connected to the main street of Legian, it also has the advantage of quick availability of transport for connecting with the rest of the city.

Staying with Transera Kamini


We checked into the hotel from the Denpasar Airport late in the afternoon as the flight was already delayed. We got a warm welcome from the already waiting hotel staff. I met the owner of Transera Kamini Resort Ms. Maharani, and was less surprised by her Indian name. It goes beyond doubt to explain the subtle connect India has to such far-flung lands. She had worked beyond expectation for months together to prepare the resort for my guests in a short time.

Our trip had been organized by CCI Travel who expertise in local destination tours management and is managed by Mr. Supriyadi and Ms. Ibu Ita, another lovely team I would always want to work with in future.



Amenities and Services

Transera Kamini Resort has 24 rooms spread over three floors. Four rooms form the executive suite on the poolside that is a combination of style and comfort. The rooms are 28 m² in size with king-size beds and has glass door partitions extending into balconies in front.  All rooms are Wi-Fi equipped so that you do not miss out on staying connected and sharing updates with the outside world from time to time.

Balcony views

transeraThe rooms are comfortable enough for twin-sharing and does not compromise on the finer essentials a traveller needs here. This boutique resort ideally utilises the aesthetics and fits itself in the smaller spaces; it has used every corner of the property judiciously.transera

The resort has two decks that can accommodate dining for up to 40 guests. This was ideal for our group size and especially,this also gave us flexibility of timings. You can also choose an a-la-carte menu among Continental/American/Indonesian breakfast cuisines. The hotel also provides help with concierge services for local sightseeing. The only issue is the hotel does not run a restaurant of its own, to serve food other than breakfast, however, this is with most of the hotels in Bali, where the restaurant space is generally outsourced. This is complemented with hordes of restaurants within quick reach, that stay open overnight almost everyday. transera

transeraThe resort sports a chic swimming pool that forms the centre of attraction. The temperatures in Bali during November were generally humid and the swimming pool was an ideal excuse for a refreshing break from the heat. With the recliners on either side of the pool, all you need is a ‘Mojito’ by your side.

Transera Kamini Resort Review

I had organised a group tour with accommodation at Transera Kamini Boutique Resorts. The services that I received here were more than the expectation of the entire group. Here’s a quick take on what the group had to say about their stay experience with Transera Kamini Resorts.

  • Location – 9/10: At the heart of Legian area and just 800 metres from Kuta Beach. The hotel is also easily accessible from the airport at least up to the entrance lane. From there it is a quick 200 metres walk through the lane to the resort.
  • Pricing – 9/10: Very good for a budget stay with a flexible payment on arrival option.
  • Check-In and Reception – 8½/10: Splendid and smooth. Everything was ready as we arrived. The staff had already allotted the rooms as per the room list and was ever ready to help out the large crowd of guests with a smile on their face.
  • Food – 7½/10: Breakfast options only. I am sure in future, I will definitely be able to arrange the entire things within the hotel itself.
  • Transport Availability – 8/10: You need to walk from the main street to the entrance of the hotel, although that is not very significant a distance to cover. The other challenge is of the hotel parking spaces especially in and around the Legian street. The group struggled hard to match up with the bus timings that arrived on the street.
  • Room Service – 8/10: Just perfect for a group stay.
  • Overall- 8½/10: It was a perfect group stay. Looking forward to work more with the team.  


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