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tristarI occasionally take road trips when I am back in my home town, and this was one of those road trips that I took the last week. Last week, I was on a business trip to Chandrapur and needed to spend two days here and unlike I plan for most of the trips, this time I decided to leave it on the journey. Just 5 km short of Chandrapur town, I came across Tristar Hotel and decided to check in here.

Location: Tristar Hotel


The Tristar Hotel is located 5 km before entering the Chandrapur town, on the Nagpur-Chandrapur Highway. It is easily accessible from the main highway and is the best way for travelers looking for a quick check-in without wasting too much time.

Staying with Tristar

The hotel is spread over four floors with about 40 rooms. It serves three categories of rooms – Deluxe, Executive and Suite. The rooms have been spaciously designed with the smallest rooms of 100 Sq.m. size and the largest of 220 Sq.m.  The rooms have been provided with all the facilities that is needed to make yourself comfortable.The room was just right for me to slip in to after my hectic trip across the city.

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The room extends into a cozy balcony that gives a view of the city in the evenings. It is spacious enough to sit down and sip your evening coffee while you discuss and close your business deals. You can also spend your evenings in the open air coffee shop downstairs.

Amenities and Services

The hotel comes with a range of conveniences and services that go beyond expectation for the price for the stay. It has just the amenities any business traveler can look for at a short notice. You have a 24-hour check-in and check-out unlike what the other regular business hotels offer so that you are not worried about emptying your room in the middle of an important business meeting.

The rooms are equipped enough for the traveler to just walk in and out with minimum baggage. There are enough amenities to keep you refreshed after you are back from your business. The cafeteria downstairs takes care of a relishing break in the evenings followed with the facility of a buffet in the night.

Hotel Tristar Review

I had made a booking in Tristar Hotel for 2 nights on my business trip to Chandrapur. Here’s what I have to say about the stay at Hotel Tristar in a nut-shell:-

  • Location – 8/10: Well connected with the Chandrapur-Nagpur Highway and is easily accessible to travelers on this route. The main city is just  5 km from the hotel, so you are not completely ‘left out and away’ from the mainstream.
  • Pricing – 9/10: Very good for a budget stay. I paid Rs. 1700/- per night for the stay with a flexible payment on arrival option.
  • Check-In and Reception – 9/10: Splendid and smooth. The 24-hour check in and checkout removes the hassle of worrying about a 12-noon checkout when you actually want to focus on everything else but attending your luggage. The staff is really cooperative and forthcoming for anything you need. I got an on-time call to alert me when I forgot my mobile charger back in the hotel room on my checkout.
  • Food – 8/10: Food is good and hygienic. I won’t say that they had many options, but whatever they served on the buffet is just good. YOu also have room served menu if you want to dine in a privacy. The North Indian cuisine is great and the measure is wholesome.
  • Transport Availability – 8/10: The area around does not have many options but the hotel does have its own rental cars and services at disposal. Just walk up to the reception and they do the rest for you.
  • Room Service – 8/10: Just right. There were few glitches but they are insignificant and can be always neglected.
  • Overall- 8/10: I think it is among the better hotels I have found in small towns for a stay. Just perfect for a business luxury. 



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