Road Trip and Camping Guide to Chopta, Uttarakhand

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It is summer time and there is no better place to escape than the pristine Himalayan Ranges. If you are an adventure seeker and nature’s bounty is what attracts you, then the hill slopes of Chopta are up for a challenge. This short guide will help know exactly what you need to plan a road trip to this serendipitous escape. 

A Brief About Chopta, Uttarakhand

Chopta, Uttarakhand is located among the pristine greenery of Rudraprayag region in Uttarakhand and its evergreen forests form a part of the Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary. The valleys of Uttarakhand in itself are a heavenly abode and every moment that I have spent here has been full of lively experiences. Chopta, like any other part of Uttarakhand state is a land full of heavenly surprises for everyone, and I am sure, you too will find your set of surprises when you take a trip here.

Planning your trip to Chopta, Uttarakhand



Reaching Rishikesh

Railway:-The nearest railway station to Chopta is from Rishikesh Railway Station. You can find the fastest connecting trains from either New Delhi or Dehradun, though it is recommended from Dehradun, as it allows a quick connectivity with Rishikesh or Haridwar.

Bus:There is frequent bus connectivity from both New Delhi and Dehradun to Rishikesh. If you intend to travel from Dehradun, then you can go for the luxury A.C Buses from ISBT, Dehradun; the buses are comfortable and prices are cheap.

From New Delhi, the buses are available from ISBT, Delhi, however, I do not recommend if you are not a traveller who is used to inconvenience, noisy crowd and vehicles passing through congested traffic. The buses from New Delhi pass via Meerut and Roorkee and there are frequent, unavoidable traffic jams on these routes.

Reaching Chopta

From Rishikesh, it is a six-hour drive by road and is located at an altitude of 4000 metres or 13000 feet. The temperatures are range between 19-25 degrees during the day, but can drop at night even during summers. Light warm clothing is recommended, depending upon your resistance to changing weather.

Stay at Pristine Peak Eco Camps

Address: Ukhimath – Chopta – Gopeshwar Rd, Dogalbhita, Uttarakhand 246419, India


Recommended Duration of Stay: 2N/3D

Services Available: 

  • Camp Accommodation
  • Food
  • Sightseeing
  • Activities

Minutes from the Chopta-Gopeshwar Highway, the Pristine Peaks Eco Camp is nestled in the Dogalbhita Valleys and overlooks the picturesque Himalayan landscapes in front. The camp has been exclusively established to meet all requirements of hiking and camping lovers so that you keep your backpack as light as possible.

Overlooking the Himalayan Ranges

The camp has 8 two-men tents which are extendable to accommodate up to 3 persons. Every tent has been provided with individual washrooms and thus avoids any form for ecological damage due to camping and hiking activities. The camp also organizes activities such as hiking to the surrounding hills, photography, and bonfire in the evenings. you can hike, climb, cook, play music and enjoy during the day and share some exciting moments over a bonfire during the evenings. Some of the places worth visiting during the trip here are:-

  1. Tunganath Temple: The Tungnath Temple takes you on a spiritual hike to experience the highest of the Panch Kedar shrines of Lord Shiva, of the Shaivism sect. The temple is a challenging climb although the local tourism authorities have cleared most of the path for the convenience of the visitors. Be sure that the climb will test your nerves and stamina, as the climb gets tougher while getting closer to the temple.
  2. Deorital Lake:
    Deorital Lake

    Immerse yourself in serendipity by taking an escape to this spectacular lake. The still waters create mirror images of the snow-capped mountains in front. The view is so breathtaking from here that for a moment, everything else around seems trivial. Enjoy the stillness and calm of nature, and make every moment worthwhile, as nature shares its abundant beauty with you.

  3. Chandrashila: choptaAn extension beyond the Tungnath Temple, the Chandrashila challenges your trekking and hiking skills and stamina further with its arduous climb. To motivate yourself, keep the end in mind, when you find yourself at the peak, getting a 270-degree view of the Himalayas  and the cotton white clouds filling the vacuüm in between as if they accept your victory and touch your feet.

Practical Tips

These suggestions are although repetitive, but can help you settle it in the subconscious when you plan your hiking trips. You can also help me out on this post with your valuable and practical suggestions from your experiences.

  1. Protect the environment – Do not litter the area with paper, plastic bags, bottles, and scrap.
  2. Maintain safe distance with the animal and bird life. They deserve it.
  3. Maintain the sanctity of the heritage sights by keeping from disposing waste plastic and paper bags. Stop others trying to break the rules.
  4. Respect the laws of nature. This will help you explore the surroundings in a better way. Regular hikers will understand what I mean!!
  5. Do not push it against your health. High altitude demands a little more from your body than usual. If you have medical concerns, kindly inform it beforehand, or refrain from the hike at all.

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