We live just once, make it worth the journey

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If God gave me a choice to live again, I would go out again to travel the world.

If he gave me a choice of how to die, I would ask him to take me beyond the clouds and let me take my last skydive.. The view of the sunshine from there is simply amazing to miss out on…

World is A Better Place Than What ‘They’ Told Me

They told me that the world out there is mad, bad and crazy. Where will you live? What will you eat? Whom will you talk to? I said, let me figure it out by going there.

It is only when I stepped out of my house and walked the unknown streets did I know that I do not walk alone. The world out there has amazing things to share.

 Say Yes To The World
You are never alone out there.

There are people on the other part of the globe who enjoy the changing seasons as much as I do. Although they express it in different ways – ways I do not often understand. But a smile on their face in the end says it all. Whatever, they just spoke about, is full of happiness, and I need to live it now.

I sometimes struggle through their sense of tastes, as I am used to the spices of my own country. I cannot believe someone could ever do without them in their food. But, eventually, I find something common between our cultures.

I would have never known, if….

 Say Yes To The World
Meeting the Unknown people

I would have never known that Shiva lived in another part of the world too, if I did not become a World traveller. I would have never known that they like Shahrukh Khan and Indian music as much as I did, back home.

I would have never known that Paneer Tikka Masala and Samosas are the favourite Indian food out there, if I did not ask random people random questions on a random walkway.

I never knew I could make friends in other parts of the world, who would change the way I thought about the world, and make me more open minded. 

They gave me more than one reason to love the world, and see it with a different set of eyes.I would never know how to talk to them despite not knowing their language, and they not knowing mine.

 Say Yes To The World
Viewpoint from the Waterfront Jetty Cape Town

I would have only read about those bespoke landscapes in a book, and could only wonder how they actually look, if not I traveled there instead and see for myself. I decided to leave the shores behind.

I would have never known how far and wide, Indian culture traveled, had I not decided to ‘figure it out on my own’. 

What’s your Travel Inspiration?

What does the world have for you? What does the life have for you? Have you halted for a moment from the mundane mechanical life and slowed down to think of it? Every human being has an inspiration – every one out there seeks a ‘path’ for exploration. 

In all of those days, when you judged yourself a little less than what you really are capable of, have you seeked your inner self?

What is it that you seek? What is it that you fear the most? What keeps you from your most happy moments – the most unforgettable experiences?

 Say Yes To The World
How does it feel when you can see everything underneath you in mid air??

The point of maximum danger is the point of minimum fear… On the other side of your fear are all of the best things in life.

Will Smith

And when you walk out there and do it, you realize that all that hesitation was just within. You just needed to let go and surrender to the exploration. There are more reasons to love the world that you discovered yet.

It is time to Say Yes To The World

Travel, Say Yes To The World
How does travel bring out the better in you?

If you have not decided to step out yet, it is time to Say Yes to the World. Go out there and find your answers. For the reply awaits.

There are so many days that you wake up to the ‘same’ sunrise. There’s a different charm to wake up to the same sunrise from another part of the world.

To gaze at the beauty of the world, through the whispers of the fresh air. It is awesome to speak to the world, and let them know that you are here to connect. That you will miss no moment to smile and make others smile in return.

And when you wake up to another sunrise at another random part of the world, on another random day, nothing will seem random anymore, as you have expanded the size of your ‘living room’. 

The world is indeed your ‘living room‘ and everything within is a part of your life!

You will live just once – Make it worth the journey!!

P.S: I am writing this post as part of the Indiblogger Say Yes To The World Contest