Scuba in Goa: Are you ready for the plunge

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ScubaGoa is the heart of the Indian beach adventure sports. You name the thrill and you have one. With all the adrenaline rush that Goa shares with its travelers, the one sport that you cannot miss out on is Scuba Diving. The only question is –are you ready for the plunge? Find out you can kick-start your first Scuba Diving experience in Goa.

What’s Down There?

Goan sea waters and coastlines offer unprecedented experiences waiting to be explored, and its pristine blue and transparent underwaters are just right for that heart throbbing dive. The rich marine life and coral treasures await the explorers like you.

Find yourself amid the spectacular marine species such as barracudas, blennies, triggers, grouper and reef sharks. Swim through several unique fishes such as collared butterfly, snappers bat fish, schooling snappers, blue ringed angers, tuna, saltwater aquarium fishes such as Moorish idols, as they move creating wavy patterns around you.

So, where do I find Scuba in Goa?

Scuba diving can be enjoyed at several spots around Goa; that too, depending upon the kind of diver you are, and the level of expertise you hold. The depth of the dive sights start from 3 meters and goes as deep as 24 meters.
If you are a beginner then head for the Bounty Bay, Shelter Cove, Grande Banks or the Wreck of Suzy, the ideal spots for starting off with your first dive. If you have already reached somewhere in between, then Sail Rock is the best spot to push your skills a li’l more.

And oh, if you are ‘the pro-type’, then Davy Jones Lockers, Sail Rock or the Wreck of Suzy are the spots you are looking for. You also have the option to convert yourself to a full-time Scuba Diving Professional.

Tell me the best time to go…

The Goan waters are at its best between the months of October and April, when the underwater visibility is relatively higher, up to 5-10 meters. It is also the time when the temperatures underneath are super stable between 27°C to 30°C, making it as comfortable as a lukewarm bath.

How ‘Safe’ is Scuba in Goa?

The Scuba (Self-Contained-Underwater-Breathing-Apparatus) Diving is a standalone kit to gear you up for that magical underwater adventure. Unlike snorkelling, which uses fewer safety equipment and lets you explore shallower waters, Scuba Diving emphasizes more on the safety features and equipment, such as the protective wet or dry suits, mask, Scuba gear bags, high-pressure compact oxygen or nitrox (more oxygen and lesser nitrogen) cylinders, specialized signalling and communication equipment, weight regulation mechanisms, fins and several electronic gadgets that are meant to provide the Scuba divers with ‘safer diving experiences’.

These equipment need little expertise to understand and use. With a little practice, you easily get the hang of how to use them and start going solo. Further, the Scuba Diving is a sport always carried out under the guidance and supervision of expert Scuba Diving Instructors, who have years of training and help you all the way through your underwater experience.

What about the newbies?

The best part about the regions along the Arabian Sea is that they have a flatter coastline as compared to the ones along the Bay of Bengal. This attributes to the absence of rip currents which makes the Goan waters safe and easier to swim. This makes Goa an ideal place for the newbies to start off with their first Scuba learning experience.  Not only the newbies, even the kids, and families too, can easily take on and learn Scuba Diving.

Sounds Good!! Tell me more…

Your Scuba Dive learning does not end here. In fact, it is just the beginning, as that world will keep calling you for more. Guess what! Your learning stays with you wherever you go. Scuba diving happens in other parts of the country too and is equally a fun and thrilling experience to undertake.

Let not the waves bother you anymore, for you will now know how to become one with them and experience all the wonders that the underwaters await for you to explore.

So, are you ready for the plunge yet!!!!


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