Sinquerium Beach-Goa

A quite place located 13 km from Panaji, the Sinquerium beach and fort is a place you cannot easily miss out on. An ideal place for the adventure sports, it has a flat coastline, which makes the beach safer to venture out with family too. 

About Sinquerium Beach

A right diversion while travelling to the Aguadda Fort, North Goa, Sinquerium beach was not on my travel list as I had already made up my mind for Calagute, Vagator and Baga Beaches in the north. I landed up here, while I was searching for the Reis Magos Fort, the place I briefly remembered as the ‘Fort with canons’. When I accidentally decided to turn the wheels towards the Sinquerium beach, I realized what I was about to miss out upon. I decided to wait here and enjoy the adventure activities here, as also, explore more about this scenic beach.

The Sinquerium beach fort overlooks the sea and is essentially an extension of the Aguadda Fort. The fort has a watch tower that extends into the sea and offers a safe harbour at the shore. The tower served as a guiding point for the European Vessels approaching the coastline. The Sinquerium fort stood tall against attacks from the Dutch and Maratha Troops .

Activities To Do

The Sinquerium beach offers a wide variety of adventure activities to do and can be a safer beach to hang out for families, especially children. The flat coastline offers shallow waters for a considerable distance even on high tides and offers natural safe harbour at the coast, where the children play around and enjoy to the max. The beach also has several adventure activities you cannot miss out on:-

  1. Parasailing
    Parasailing Sinquerium Beach-Goa
    Parasailing Sinquerium Beach-Goa

    The Parasailing ride involves a boat ride about 2 kms into the sea from the shore line where a ranch awaits for the group to arrive. The parachute is a hydraulically operated winch which pushes the parachute against the wind draft. A typical trip costs Rs.1500/- and allows two people to alight in a single trip. It means that a couple can take a trip for Rs. 1500/- in a single trip. The trip time is around 15-20 mins and gives a picturesque view of the entire coastline. The ride is definitely an thrilling experience.

  2. Water Scooter
    Sinquerium Beach-Goa
    Water Scooter Image Source: Mygola

    The water-scooter offers the thrill of speed on the waves as the ski zooms through the blue waters of the beach. A typical ride starts from Rs.400/- onwards and is supported by a guide for first timers. The trip usually is of 15-20 mins and can be easily learnt once you get the knack of the wave movements. A must try for the speed lovers.

  3. Banana Rides
    Sinquerium Beach-Goa
    Sinquerium Beach-Goa; Image Source: Amazing Goa

    Banana ride will take you on a inflatable boat away from the sea-shore and topple you off on the tides, for a splash on the tides. An exciting and thrilling ride, this is a fun-sport and can be a lot of enjoyment and fun. The ride accommodates 6-8 people on a banana shaped boat and is towed with a speed boat into the sea. The boat then gives a swift jerk to topple off the riders into water upside down. The rides start from Rs.300/- onwards.

  4. Jet-Skiing
    Sinquerium Beach, Goa
    Jet-Skiing; Image Source: Mygola

    A combination of speed and balance, jet-skiing is a challenging sport and can be difficult for the first timers to try out, yet it is exciting and fun. Lot of drops, falls, splashes and swishes on the water surface and you will be in love with this sport real soon. Jet-skiing starts from Rs. 400/- onwards.

Planning For The Trip

Carry your swimming gear such as the trunks and water-goggles, as this may come at an additional cost at venue. The ideal time to hit for the shores is between 09:00 am and 11:00 am as the weather is cool and pleasant and the tide is also at its safe levels. Also, the beach is 13 kms from Panjim which means you can skim through the traffic early without getting stuck in the crowd. The recommended time to spend here is 2-3 hours.

The beach is crowded and you might have to take turns to do your trips with all that baggage. Try and keep your baggage to the minimum when you are at the spot. Shoes, clothing can be left behind on the ride as there is not much provision for keeping the luggage.

Rating The Experience

  1. Connectivity: 8/10: The spot has a narrow entry point and can be crowded especially with a four wheeler. A two wheeler can allow easy access to the spot.
  2. Activities: 9/10: There are lot of activities to try and you can explore to the maximum.
  3. Expenses: 7/10: There is no bargain with the trips, which can make the trips costlier. If you are in a group. try negotiating to get a good deal.
  4. Food: 7/10: There are small shacks and shops which can offer you fast food, but the resources are limited. Bottled water is available, and considering the day heat, you must keep yourself adequately replenished.
  5. Personal Safety: 9/10: One of the most important factors when I decide to hit for a spot with the family. The beach is safe and has a shallow bed for a long distance, so you can play and enjoy hassle free. Also, the beach has adequate safety jackets for use. Consider using them for your personal safety. Do not forget to stay within the swimming zones demarcated by the flags on the shore.
Hi, I am Rajat, and I travel. It started as a hobby and soon became an addiction. Now, it is a compulsion. I travel to learn, to explore, to click and to dream. Join my journey as I take you along the roads less ventured.. and create memorable experiences.

6 thoughts on “Sinquerium Beach-Goa

  1. Nice clicks Rajat Chakraborty. I have once been to Goa during my college days and have enjoyed the adventure sports at the Sinquerium beach. This post has freshen up the old memories. I am inspired to visit Goa again.

    1. Oh Thanks Aarushi..It is always encouraging to know that I have been able to inspire someone..
      Goa is as fresh and young as you left behind since your college days. I studied in Bharati Vidyapeeth COE, Pune and have some lasting memories of Goa.. It was a refreshing break for me too…
      I hope you find and discover your inspirations too, as you travel your path..Thanks for the inspiration..Regards 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks VJs for your reply.. I wanted to craft a custom itinerary for my readers and frequent travelers, which covered the important sights of Goa. As far as I know, the Baga and Vagator beaches are the best for a sunset photography. If you have some special lenses, you will definitely enjoy capturing the twilights here… 🙂 🙂

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