Small Town Attractions-Sibsagar: Wandering through the legacies of the Ahom Dynasty

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A view-point or the Royal Pavilion along the fighting arena constructed for Gladiator Entertainment (Yes, this existed in India too), the Rang Ghar in Sibsagar town was the symposium for the Ahom Kings to enjoy the famous Bull Fights. Till today, the bull fights continue to be the major attraction of this town, every year during the ‘Bihu Festival’ in April. 

Entry into the view point, sibsagar
Sibsagar Attractions – Entry into the view-point

I bought my entry ticket from an almost dilapidated ticket counter to take a stroll of this park. There was meagre crowd here today being a week day, but the weekends draw significant crowd here. Come April and with the spark of Rongali Bihu comes the much awaited Bull Fight Event.

The design of the gate is simple and robust, sibsagar
The design of the gate is simple and robust

The Rang Ghar was constructed as a view-point for the royal Ahom Kings to see these Gladiator events from a height. The entire structure is designed in red stone.  The roof is dome-shaped designed in the form of an inverted boat. The entire structure is elongated with arch type entrances at the bottom which formed sort of hall for the other members of the palace.


As I climbed the stairs of the observatory, I could see the intricate carvings on the either sides of the entrance. The open galleries on top have now been closed with iron grills on the either side to prevent access by the crowd. The lawn which formed the stage for the events has been converted into a beautiful lawn and joggers park, and forms the weekend leisure for the people of the town. The well-maintained garden can be seen stretching far across the view-point.

Sibsagar Attractions – The front lawn is a garden that attracts the locals in the evenings

The Rang Ghar was renovated and was reintroduced to the public in the year 2000, by former Prime Minister Shri Manmohan Singh. The garden continues to be a major attraction of the town and attracts travelers, researchers, students from all parts of the country.

The perfect time to visit the monument is in the evenings, preferably before the sunset. The setting sun reinforces the colors of the red stone structure and increases its beauty manifold. I was able to click some really good images of the monuments during the sunset hours.

Sibsagar Attractions – Sneak Peek into the History

A little history for the readers planning to visit this monument. The evening was about to convert to night and the sun had made its way down into the horizon, which meant it was time for me to bid a good bye to this place. There are so many hidden secrets all across our country waiting to be explored. The only need is to step into the outdoors and explore them.

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  1. That’s interesting. Such fights also happen in some specific parts of Himachal, although I couldn’t gain courage to witness any of them.

    1. These fights are more ferocious and lethal of sorts. The bulls are prepared two-three months in advance and when they land on the arena, it is no less than a gladiator fight

    1. Yes, definitely.. the tradition of bull-fight is practised not only in India, but also in lot of South-East Asian countries. No wonder eventually, more or less, the globe seems to be interconnected with some common beliefs.

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