How To Do Smarter Travel Photography With Your Smartphone

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how to do smarter travel photography with your smartphone

I was not much of a smartphone user when it came to travel photography. A good picture speaks out volumes with its silence.The resolution, depth, textures and contrast are important factors to create an impacting travel capture .Turns out, that when it comes to using it on your blog, the factors such as the memory, can play an important role, as high-resolution images might end up consuming lot of server space. Here’s where I felt the need of using a Smartphone for travel photography.

Factors Affecting Travel Photography

Travel photography involves a dedicated paraphernalia of camera and its accessories and depends upon the different tastes and styles of photographers such as monochrome, micro-photography, nature photography, to name a few. A DSLR Camera with its entire accessories such as the lenses, tripod stand, chargers etc forms specialized luggage. Also, they cost you a fortune which might add to your worries. For me, a good photograph should acquire the balance among the following elements:-

  1. Depth: Should be able to clearly indicate the 3 dimensional view such as that of horizons, valleys, distances etc.
  2. Contrast: Clearly separate the colours and shades of the subject
  3. Image Sharpness: A distinct boundary of the objects, such as structures, architectural buildings, monuments, facial features etc.
  4.  Image ResolutionThe device should be able to pack more pixels within a lesser space. Thus despite zooming the images, there is lesser blur in them.
  5. MemoryHigher resolution images have high memory requirements, which makes it cumbersome both for the standalone systems as well as the servers. An optimized image helps to create a balance.

Plus, for a novice like me, applying the tools of Photoshop is a time-consuming and considerably delays my blog process, hence, I would definitely like to use a faster and simpler mechanism to use my travel photos on my blog. There are some photographers who are really inspirational both with their cameras as well as smartphones. Here are few blogs, from where I draw my inspirations for a better travel photography.

The Insatiable TravelerThe Shooting Star, Leanne Cole Photography, Joshi-Daniel

How and Where does the Smartphone fit in

With compact features, and easier to use mechanism, your smartphone can add equally impressive effects to your travel photography.

The above gallery has images of the instances where I have used both my Nikon Digital Camera as well as my Micromax Canvas Xpress A99 Smartphone to click the same landscapes. The original sizes of the images are retained for comparison. In case of the Smartphone, I have used the HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography mode, which clicks a series of images, with different exposures, and combines the best parts of these series to create a smarter image. While the pixel range is high, it is also typically lesser than 1 MB, which means lesser load on my website servers, and a faster loading blog.

A Comparative Between Cameras & Smartphones

Whereas a professional photographer can improve almost any image with her experience, he might not always come across a perfect natural subject all the time. The reverse, however, applies, and travel photography is often independent of the type of photographer. Sometimes, even a novice photographer might meet a better subject, but gets limited by his lack of photography knowledge. While it might take him years to master the finer aspects of a professional camera, the smartphones are time-saving. A small comparative here might help you understand it better:-

S.No.Professional CameraSmartphone Camera
1.Takes time and practice to learn the settings.Camera set up is usually inbuilt and easier to learn.
2.Images have need correction separately by Photoshop.The Smart-phone camera has inbuilt filters for image improvement.
3.Consumes larger memory space.Consumes lesser memory space
4.Costlier and cumbersome.Cheaper and compact
5.Heavy on the blog serversLighter on the blog servers.
6.Cannot be directly used over internet for uploadsCan be directly connected with internet for uploads
7.Cannot be directly used with mobile apps.Can be directly used with mobile apps

Integration With Web and Mobile Applications

When it comes to submitting your images to a forum like the National Geographic, Instagram or Flickr, the importance of a professional camera cannot be withheld. However, with more precision comes more work on an image. Today’s smarter applications such as Instagram apply smarter filters and image processing techniques, making photo-blogging easier, and better.

Add to that, the various Android applications on mobile, it has become easier to edit and refine an image in lesser complicated ways. The inbuilt smart filters adjust for hue, saturation, colours, sharpness, blurs, cropping and all such effects which one needs to do manually while using a professional camera.

4G and Smartphones

With implementation of 4G technology and compatible smartphones, the image processing and uploading have become faster than before. With lesser internet speeds, uploading refined images used to take longer times. With 4G, it has become easier than before, and allows larger data uploads faster.

Even if you are going for rich and high memory features clicked from your professional camera, sharing it across the platforms using 4G has become much faster. Not only images, even travel videos render faster than before. This makes sharing your travel experiences easier and fun.

In The End..

Smartphone technologies have not only helped us connect better, but also made sharing our experiences unique in different ways. A power packed device in the pocket takes the world with its smartness and style. Sharing my travel experiences couldn’t have been better, but without my smartphone. With better technologies, simpler moments are shared easier than before. Now, I do not have to lose any moment, as I carry the smart with me…always….

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